THE average daily use of Valencia City’s bicycle lanes has gone up by 21% over the first seven months of the year compared to the same period in 2021.

Figures are recorded by the Valencia Traffic Management Centre each month with a noticeable increase in bicycle and scooter riders.

The city’s sustainable mobility councillor, Giuseppe Grezzi, said: “These sustainable journeys are an alternative for thousands of Valencian men and women, who choose this option every day, therefore cutting traffic, reducing pollution and moving Valencia to becoming a more sustainable city”.

The Xativa to Russafa section is the busiest with a daily average of 7,996 users.

Valencia has around 170 kilometres of bike lanes with a new 2.1 kilometre section being built on Avenida del Cid.

A further five kilometres costing €2.3 million is to be constructed once a contract is awarded.

Valencia’s cycle network has received praise from the OCU Consumer Organisation.

A 2020 bicycle users study rated Valencia as the best city in Spain to get around by bike or scooter.

An OCU survey this year awarded the city a five-star cycling rating and put it among the top three centres in the country for two-wheel travel.


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