WHEN a deadly virus triggers an international emergency, a country needs its government and health officials to be on top form, and do everything to ensure the safety of its people.

What did Spain do?

Properly train its army of health workers? Ramp up checks on people arriving from affected areas? Prepare secure isolation facilities in hospitals?

No, Spain decided to bring home two elderly missionaries infected with the highly contagious virus to its capital city and ordered unprepared workers to sort it out.

Shock horror, a few weeks later one of those workers is diagnosed with Ebola and the government is forced to defend another monumental failure.

Welcome to Spain, Ebola, you’re gonna love it. You’ll do well here.



  1. In fairness it’s early days in the treatment of this disease outside Africa, the Americans haven’t fared any better than the Spanish and the NHS thankfully haven’t been tested for real yet. On the other hand if the NHS were so wonderful, you would wonder why the King family felt the need to remove their critically ill child from the UK and drive to Malaga for treatment for him?

  2. The King family didn’t move to Spain for treatment. They returned because that is where their home was/is. They were just health/benefit tourists in the UK.

    The only Ebola case brought back to the UK was cured and no one else infected.

    I notice The USA and UK are the only countries making a serious commitment to helping West Africa. The rest of the world’s response has been pitiful.

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