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Viral poultry disease outbreak in Spain’s Almeria

THERE has been an outbreak of a poultry disease on a chicken farm in Huercal-Overa, Almeria. Newcastle disease virus (VND) has been detected in chickens,...

Cybercriminals in Spain’s Costa Blanca area send bogus text message to steal €23,000 from bank account

FOUR people have been arrested in Alicante and Cartagena after stealing over €23,000 from a bank account via a 'smishing' scam. The thieves swindled a...

Coronavirus deaths in Spain spike by 70% over the weekend

CORONAVIRUS deaths have spiked in Spain over the weekend.

BREAKING: False alarm as Chinese patient in Granada does not have lethal Coronavirus

Chinese tourist will be kept until result is 100% confirmed today

Spain prepares for possible Corona Virus outbreak

So far, 17 people have died and hundreds have been hospitalised from the virus

Doctors in Spain launch three-year plan to eradicate Hepatitis C

According to the WHO there is no current vaccine for Hepatitis C, but in Spain a drug has been deployed since 2015 to treat over 120,000 people

We’re only human… just

OUR bodies are covered in microscopic creatures, including bacteria, viruses and fungi. Not surprisingly the vast majority of this microscopic life resides in our...

Flu pandemic in Spain leads to rising death toll

THE number of people in Spain who have died from the flu has risen dramatically. In what is proving to be the deadliest season of...

Vicious Crimean-Congo virus circulates in capital city Madrid

The disease has a 40 percent mortality rate

First case of sexually transmitted Zika virus in Spain

167 total cases have been confirmed

First baby with microcephaly born to Zika-infected woman in Spain

This is Spain's first recorded case of a baby born with microcephaly

Killer disease is wiping out Spain’s amphibians

Swarms of frogs, toads and newts have been killed by Ranavirus in northern Spain and the disease is now heading south

Jihadi plans to weaponise Ebola intercepted by Spanish authorities

Spanish intelligence officers have intercepted jihadi plans to turn Ebola into a weapon

UPDATE: Plane grounded in Madrid after passenger shows Ebola-like symptoms

Madrid's Barajas airport carries out emergency procedures as Air France passenger is suspected of Ebola

UPDATE: USA requests use of Spanish military bases in fight against Ebola

Bases in Sevilla and Cadiz would be used as stopover points for the American effort against the Ebola outbreak in West Africa

Ebola: Welcome to Spain!

Spain welcomes Ebola to Europe by bringing infected missionaries back from Africa

UPDATE: Almost 100 people under observation for Ebola in Spain

People who came into contact with Spain's Ebola nurse are being monitored at home

UPDATE: Spain set to be Ebola-free as of October 27

Hospital director sets date for Spain to be free from Ebola

UPDATE: Spanish Ebola nurse is ‘stable’ again after hours in critical condition

But Teresa Romero Ramos remains in a serious condition

UPDATE: Spanish Ebola health worker sheds protective suit in Madrid street putting neighbours at risk

Neighbours at the urbanisation are shocked that the worker took no precautions after cleaning Romero's apartment

UPDATE: European Commission demands explanation of how Spanish nurse contracted Ebola

The nurse, 44, is the first person outside of West Africa to contract the virus

Second Spanish priest dies from Ebola in Madrid

Manuel Garcia Viejo contracted the virus while working as a medical director at a hospital in Sierra Leone

Second Spanish priest to contract Ebola flown to Madrid hospital

The 69-year-old had been working in a hospital in Sierra Leone

Ebola scare in Alicante given all-clear

An emergency protocol was put in place after a Nigerian man presented symptoms of the deadly virus

Spain most affected by Russian super-virus that hacks and cripples power plants

Russian malware hits over 1000 energy plants worldwide





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