SPANISH intelligence officers have intercepted jihadi plans to weaponise the Ebola virus for use against the West. 

A blackmailer in Prague is also threatening to unleash the virus unless Czech authorities pay him €254 million via bitcoin.

The national secretary of state for security, Francisco Martinez, revealed that ISIS jihadists had been urged to develop ‘deadly chemical products’ and use ‘Ebola as a poisonous weapon’ via online messages.

So far it is thought that at least one terrorists organisation – the Japenese Aum Shinrikyo cult – has attempted to cultivate Ebola for attacks against the West.

The Czech authorities remain in talks with the Prague blackmailer, although initial deadlines for his payment have now passed.







  1. Ah I like to settle down to a nice read of The Olive Press.

    But then shortly after, triple lock all the doors, speak to no one (especially ‘the Spanish’), and head for a bunker somewhere.


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