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Woman admitted to hospital in Spain with Ebola symptoms

A WOMAN is in a special unit of a Basque Country hospital with symptoms compatible with an Ebola infection. She is currently awaiting test results...

Isolated case of ‘olive tree ebola’ bacteria found in Andalucia

The bacteria, Xylella fastidiosa, was found in three decorative plants in a garden centre in Almeria but officials insist it is a one-off case

Spanish religious group awarded for Ebola work in Africa

The award was one of eight Asturias prizes handed out, all of which come with a €50,000 cash prize

New Ebola vaccine will be tested in Madrid

The experimental vaccineis called VSV-ZEBOV and contains a bovine strain of the disease

Madrid regional health chief axed over controversial Ebola comments

Javier Rodriguez's many gaffes over his handling of the Ebola crisis and negative statements about Ebola vcitim Theresa Romero have seen him kicked out of office

New Ebola risk case flown to Madrid hospital

Madrid's Carlos III hospital takes on a Doctors Without Borders aid worker with a high probility of infection

Chasing dividend yield for income

Market volatility may reap great rewards if your investment is shrewdly managed

Spain’s Ebola nurse discharged from hospital

Spain's Ebola nurse discharged from Madrid's Carlos III hospital following full recovery

Big cat diaries and Ebola baloney

If you think you’ve spotted the Beast of Bodmin it’s only Isis of Istan, Giles’ AWOL black cat

Jihadi plans to weaponise Ebola intercepted by Spanish authorities

Spanish intelligence officers have intercepted jihadi plans to turn Ebola into a weapon

The Ebola Crisis

Security measures were put into place at Almería's port and airport following the spread of Ebola

Man left to die at Madrid airport amid Ebola fear

A Nigerian man was left trembling on the floor at Madrid-Barajas airport for over an hour as airport staff feared he had Ebola

Bowled over by Ebola? Or an urban-myth-style scare story that has nearly run its course?

EXCLUSIVE: In a humorous - but all too painfully true dispatch - Spanish-based UK Journalist Jo Chipchase on the rise and fall of Ebola, and where we go from here

UPDATE: Spain’s infected nurse appears to be Ebola-free

Teresa Romero tests negative for Ebola after two weeks in Carlos III hospital

UPDATE: Four more suspected Spanish Ebola cases admitted to hospital in Madrid

New suspected Ebola cases emerge on same day as man sets off emergency protocols at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport

UPDATE: Plane grounded in Madrid after passenger shows Ebola-like symptoms

Madrid's Barajas airport carries out emergency procedures as Air France passenger is suspected of Ebola

UPDATE: USA requests use of Spanish military bases in fight against Ebola

Bases in Sevilla and Cadiz would be used as stopover points for the American effort against the Ebola outbreak in West Africa

Ebola: Welcome to Spain!

Spain welcomes Ebola to Europe by bringing infected missionaries back from Africa

UPDATE: Almost 100 people under observation for Ebola in Spain

People who came into contact with Spain's Ebola nurse are being monitored at home

UPDATE: Spain set to be Ebola-free as of October 27

Hospital director sets date for Spain to be free from Ebola

UPDATE: Doctors at Madrid hospital ‘hopeful’ about Spanish Ebola case

As Spanish Ebola victim's condition remains stable medical staff dare to hope

UPDATE: Madrid hospital deemed ‘unprepared’ for Ebola outbreak

Spain's health minister says Madrid's Carlos III needs to upgrade its Ebola isolation unit

UPDATE: Spanish staff protest and resign as ‘fear’ of Ebola takes hold

Fear of the Ebola disease, and those who are at risk of coming into contact with it, is spreading in Madrid

UPDATE: Seven more Spanish taken into urgent Ebola observation

A total of 14 people are now under observation or being treated

Spain’s health minister ‘demoted’ over Europe’s first Ebola case

The government has appointed a special committee to deal with the situation, as Ana Mato takes a 'less public' role




Zara founder and Spain’s richest man Armancio Ortega at loggerheads with owners of historic Glasgow restaurant over astronomical repair...

SPAIN’S richest man has been attracting the scorn of Scotsmen after being blamed for water leaks that have caused catastrophic damage to a beloved...


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