AN isolated case of the disease ebola has been detected in olive trees in Almeria.

A strain of the deadly bacteria, Xylella fastidiosa, was found in three decorative plants in a garden centre in El Ejido, reported europa press.

But there is no need to worry, as the Ministry of Agriculture, Fish and Rural Development has stated this is merely an isolated incident.

The olive trees are thought to have been infected by the same insect carrying the virus.

Officials revealed the virus was detected in a routine control test carried out by the Ministry.

As the trees were in a greenhouse and no insect carrying the bacteria was found, it is believed this is a one-off.

This is reportedly the first positive presence of the bacteria in Andalucia.

However, out of 400 plants tested, no other was found to be carrying ebola.

In 2017, a severe outbreak of olive ebola swept across the Balearic Islands after the virus was spread from Italy.

Farmers were forced to cut down countless trees as it is thought to be one of the most dangerous plant bacterias in the world.

As the world’s biggest producer of olive oil, the bacteria posed a huge threat to agriculture in Spain.

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