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Vets in Spain’s Malaga warn of increased risk of rabies in the province

THE risk of rabies in the province is on the rise veterinarians warn. According to Antonio Villatoro, president of the Royal Academy of Veterinary Sciences...

Raw sewage flows onto stunning beach in Spain’s Andalucia prompting calls for its closure over ‘disease and health’ fears

ENVIRONMENTALISTS have called for the closure of a stunning Andalucian beach after another raw sewage spill. A bout of rain this morning has once again...

Coronavirus deaths in Spain spike by 70% over the weekend

CORONAVIRUS deaths have spiked in Spain over the weekend.

WATCH: ‘Violent’ Russian fugitive carrying ‘infectious disease’ arrested on Spain’s Costa del Sol after holding nurse hostage with knife

The man threatened to kill the woman with the homemade weapon, convincing her to open a door and let him escape

Listeria outbreak infects 80 people including 15 pregnant women in Spain’s Andalucia after bacteria found in 2,000 packs of...

Healthy people may have mild symptoms, however listeria can be fatal for older people, newborns and patients with weakened immune systems

Death toll rises to 12 in Spain’s Canary islands as flu outbreak reaches EPIDEMIC levels

Over six out of 10 of those hospitalised with flu in the Canaries are over 64 - the most at risk age category

Isolated case of ‘olive tree ebola’ bacteria found in Andalucia

The bacteria, Xylella fastidiosa, was found in three decorative plants in a garden centre in Almeria but officials insist it is a one-off case

A simple eye test can uncover a host of underlying diseases

A surprising amount can be revealed from an eye test, from macular degeneration to brain tumours

Costa charity gala dinner to fight mitochondrial disease

Costa charity seeks to raise awareness of debilitating disease with gala dinner

Killer olive grove disease could spread to Spain

Olive oil production in the Mediterranean is taking a hit from a bacterium that has already wiped out a million trees in Italy

Man dies in Gibraltar after contracting Legionnaire’s disease from car screen wash

A postmortem determined Legionnaire’s disease contributed to the man’s deteriorating health and was a key factor in his death

Spain’s Ebola nurse discharged from hospital

Spain's Ebola nurse discharged from Madrid's Carlos III hospital following full recovery

Ebola: Welcome to Spain!

Spain welcomes Ebola to Europe by bringing infected missionaries back from Africa

UPDATE: Spain set to be Ebola-free as of October 27

Hospital director sets date for Spain to be free from Ebola

UPDATE: Madrid hospital deemed ‘unprepared’ for Ebola outbreak

Spain's health minister says Madrid's Carlos III needs to upgrade its Ebola isolation unit

Wine AND exercise needed to shield against heart disease

The 'daily glass of wine' only works if you're also active





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