SPAIN will be free from Ebola as of October 27 if no new cases are discovered beforehand. 

There are currently 15 people under observation in Madrid’s Carlos III hospital as they are deemed to have had ‘high risk contact’ with Spain’s Ebola nurse Teresa Romero.

Romero was diagnosed as having contracted the virus on September 30 and the last person to come under observation was emitted to hospital on October 6 – the maximum period of incubation is 21 days.

Carlos III hospital director Antonio Andreu said: “From a clinical and epidemiological point of view the situation is under control.

“If after 21 days from the last contact someone does not show any clinical signs of the disease, we can be 100% sure that there is no contagion.”

Andreu also confirmed that none of the people under observation are showing any signs of having also contracted Ebola.

So far the Ebola outbreak has killed around 3,500 people – mostly in west Africa.


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  1. El Pais has reported that the Nurse with Ebola has had her mobile phone taken away, allegedly so she sees nothing to upset her! Or could it be they want her not speaking out…or that she is worse than they say. Very fishy.

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