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How British expat turned land rover into luxury home ahead of ‘mammoth’ road trip through Africa

A British expat has converted a Land Rover into a mobile home with a double bed and an indoor shower. It’s all in preparation for...

No post-Brexit ‘rush’ for British expats to become Spanish citizens

BREXIT fears and consequences did not prompt a rush of British expats to become Spanish citizens in 2020. The latest figures from the National Statistics...

Spain donates over a third of a million Covid-19 vaccines to sub-Saharan Africa

SPAIN has donated a total of 326,400 COVID-19 vaccines to sub-Saharan Africa. The first shipment of the vaccines arrived on Thursday, November 4 in Abidjan,...

Spain confirms death of two journalists abducted while covering story on wildlife poaching in Burkina Faso

MADRID has confirmed that two bodies found in the west African region of Burkina Faso are those of two Spanish journalists abucted while covering...

One dead and eight injured in Melilla migrant fence jump on Spain – Morocco border

A MIGRANT was killed and eight others injured as a 300 strong gang tried to jump a border fence to enter Spanish territory. According to...

Gang illegally exported tonnes of toxic waste from Spain to Africa

SPANISH police have arrested 34 people who were smuggling toxic waste from the Canary Islands to Africa. Amongst the 2.5 tonnes of material were electrical...

Storks choose to winter in Spain instead of Africa due to warmer weather and more food

STORKS have stopped migrating to Africa for winter but instead have been spending the cold months in Spain.

WATCH: Boat carrying dozens of migrants washes up on popular Tarifa beach in Spain’s Cadiz A BOAT carrying dozens of migrants landed on popular tourist beach in Tarifa this past weekend.  The vessel washed up on Playa Chica on Sunday...

IN PICS: African migrant found inside GLOVE BOX of car heading to Spain

The vehicle was stopped by border police while trying to enter the Spanish territory of Melilla

Swiss-Spanish man arrested on suspicion of beheading and stabbing to death backpacker pair in Morocco

MOROCCAN authorities have detained a Swiss-Spanish national in connection with the brutal killing of two Scandinavian backpackers. Maren Ueland, 28 from Norway and Louisa Vesterager Jespersen,...

300 mainly African migrants dock in Spain after a week at sea saw them refused entry by Italy and...

A BOAT carrying 300 migrants docked in Spain this morning after being refused entry twice into Europe. Operated by Spanish charity NGO Proactiva Open Arms,...

PURE EVIL: Backpackers beheaded and stabbed to death in Morocco before video shared online in ISIS inspired attack

The attack has shocked the north African country, a popular holiday destination for expats and locals in southern Spain and one of the more liberal countries on the continent

Europe’s first fire ants that make cats and dogs go blind found in Marbella and could take TWO YEARS...

The finding of the invasive creature, published in the journal Iberomyrmex, is thought to have been in part due to increased temperatures on the Costa del Sol

17 African migrants killed and 100 rescued in shipwreck off Spain’s Costa del Sol

The total death toll of migrants travelling to Spain now reaches 566, a UN Migration Agency report confirmed today, while the number of arrivals to Spain now stands at 49,013

Residents in Spain will have longest life expectancy in world by 2040

Spanish residents are predicted to enjoy an average lifespan of 85.8 years

Mayor of Algeciras claims Spanish town is now ‘migrant crisis epicentre’

MAYOR Jose Ignacio Landaluce has said his ‘town couldn’t cope’ as around 1,600 migrants land in Spain, arriving predominantly in Algeciras last week. Landaluce has...

Spain’s Maritime Service rescues 1,000 migrants from Africa over the weekend

OVER 300 migrants from Africa trying to enter the European Union were picked up by Spain’s Maritime Rescue Service on July 22 from the...

IN PICS: Fears and hopes of migrants arriving in southern Spain

An Andalucian photographer tells the story of Europe's new migrants as they arrive in Granada and Almeria

HUNDREDS more migrants rescued from waters in southern Spain

Some 388 migrants have been rescued today from the Strait of Gibraltar, while authorities are still searching for another small boat

Project to build €8 billion underwater tunnel connecting Spain and Africa is BACK ON

High speed trains in the tunnel would make cargo journeys between Madrid and Marrakech up to three times shorter

Spanish passenger boat sails past floating bodies of dead migrants off coast of Spain (WARNING: Distressing images)

A PASSENGER boat off the coast of Spain was forced to turn around after sailing by tens of migrant bodies floating in the water...

HUNDREDS of migrants including newborn babies rescued by Spain amid stormy sea conditions

HUNDREDS of migrants have been rescued by Spain amid stormy sea conditions.  Some 329 people, including newborn babies, had to be rescued after their wooden...

African government to investigate ‘suspicious’ death of migrant in Malaga detention camp

THE Algerian government has announced its own investigation into the death of one of its citizens in Malaga's Archidona prison. It has asked for the...

BREAKING POINT: Andalucia struggling to cope with migrant overload as numbers TRIPLE in one year

ALMOST 15,000 migrants have been rescued off Andalucia's coasts so far this year. According to the maritime rescue service, the figure (14,577), is three times...

African migrant who hid in shipping container in Malaga for three days without food or water sent back home...

A MIGRANT has been found hiding in a shipping container in Malaga port.  Workers opened the container, which had come from Nador, Morocco, after hearing...

WATCH: African Migrants celebrate after hundreds break through Spanish border

A policeman had his femur broken in the commotion





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