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Southern Spain is the animal trafficking gateway to Europe

Authorities in southern Spain are fighting against Europe’s growing animal trafficking problem

New map for expat parents charts all British schools worldwide

The most comprehensive British curriculum search

Flood of migrants in past 48 hours in Strait of Gibraltar

Emergency services have picked up nearly 1,000 migrants in dozens of boats and rafts

Tarifa’s new bird lab to become world leader for migration

The centre will study the effect of global change on bird migration

Spain slammed by Amnesty for putting borders before people

Spain spends 30 times more on defending its borders than on improving conditions for would-be migrants

EU grants €10 million to fight immigration at Spain’s borders

Spain is bearing the brunt of immigration from Africa into Europe

African migrants in Melilla dash

60 African migrants scale the Melilla fence separating the Spanish enclave from Morocco

Spanish authorities rescue African immigrants

African migrants in desperate Europe-bound mission

Spanish football friendly slammed by human rights activists

Match in Equatorial Guinea causes outrage

Was Russian libelled over African president money laundering claims?

Court to hear whether Russian businessman bought property in Spain for Obiang

A closer look at ‘looky looky’ men

The Olive Press discovers more about the illegal street vendors selling their wares along the Andalucian coastline

Tarifa: Where the wind blows

Wendy Williams is blown away by the magic of Tarifa, Europe’s southernmost point

King Juan Carlos under fire after Botswana hunting trip

King Juan Carlos urged to stand down from WWF role after being caught hunting elephants in Botswana

Police hunt for thieves who stole 20,000 euros worth of solar kit from expat couple in Spain

Couple lost dozens of solar batteries and their generator in the raid

Parents dump two-year-old girl in rubbish container in southern Spain

Toddler was rescued after local residents heard her cries

Riding the wind on the Costa de la Luz

JON CLARKE takes a trip along the Costa de la Luz, Andalucia’s most unspoilt, if sometimes rather breezy, coastline

Ferry rescues illegal immigrants

Group of 44 on inflatable boat wre picked up off the Granada coast
saharawi protests jerez

Saharawi protests in historic Jerez

While perusing Jerez’s beautiful public library, I heard muffled shouts from the street below. The cries grew louder and louder until they filled the quiet library and I headed down the stairs and out the door to investigate

A birds-eye view

It should, of course, come easy for a bird, and now a family of Egyptian vultures are the latest group to start Twittering... as well as allowing cameras into their private lives!

52 migrants rescued from Strait of Gibraltar

Their boat was found just seven miles off the coast of Tarifa

“Jetman” fails to fly from Africa to Europe

The Swiss man falls into the sea on record-attempt flight

Safari Spain – Olive Press Investigation

On the Cordoba-Extremadura border, a businessman is to be tried for charging 30,000 euros to allow hunters the chance to shoot lions, tigers and even perhaps lynxes





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