THE parents of a two-year-old girl have been arrested after their daughter was rescued from a rubbish container.

The toddler was rescued in the Murcia town of Cabezo de Torres, after local residents heard her crying.

She was clearly panicking and sweating profusely, it has been revealed.

Her parents, who are understood to be North African, were detained after the incident on Saturday night.

They have been charged of neglecting their child and will attend court this week.


  1. Carlos, please read again as I understood exactly what I was saying. I was pointing out the Spanish only dump their unwanted kittens and puppies in the bins and am sure they wouldn’t do that to their children, cheers, John.


  2. For anyone who is interested, El Mundo claims the child, of North African descent, was “dumped” into the rubbish bin by other children. The child’s mother, also of North African descent, was out searching for her child when a neighbour, who was throwing away her rubbish, discovered the frightened youngster. Police were called, the parents were arrested and later released, without charge, after the full details were disclosed. Parents and child have been reunited.

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