15 Aug, 2011 @ 09:00
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Málaga Feria – What not to wear

How to survive the Feria in Málaga in style, whilst holding a plastic cup of wine

THERE are few places in the world right now with more fun-per-square-metre than Málaga: the Feria has just started. The city centre is buzzing with hordes of people singing and dancing along to loud music. All from midday to, officially 6.30pm, unofficially until much later.

So, yes, unsurprisingly, because I write about style and fashion – my life is SO complicated *sigh* – here is my little rant on what to wear and how to wear it during the hot Málaga Feria.

  • Boys: keep your shirt on… or off. After 3pm nobody really cares that your body is less Cristiano Ronaldo and more the “other” Ronaldo with the pot-belly. Temperatures only get higher and clothing gets lighter.
  • Girls: keep make-up to a minimum. Lippie and mascara and you’re ready to go. Anything more and by the second glass of Cartojal your face will look like a Cubist painting.
  • Shoes: Carrie Bradshaw never came to the Feria and that’s because it’s no place for Manolos – although I must confess I did brave it with a pair of leopard print wedges. Best bet in this heat are some light sandals, but beware your feet will end up black and possibly sticky.
  • Smile: smile when you get pushed, smile when somebody drops their glass of wine on you, smile when a tipsy girl asks to have a picture taken with your boyfriend because he is “muy guapo” – I’m still smiling! Just show the beautiful teeth nature or your orthodontist gave you and enjoy the Feria to the full.

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