ARRIVAL: Africa to Strait of Gibraltar

OVER 300 migrants from Africa trying to enter the European Union were picked up by Spain’s Maritime Rescue Service on July 22 from the Straits of Gibraltar and the Alboran Sea. 

Around 100 migrants were taken to the port of Tarifa.

This figure, added to those rescued on Friday and Saturday, add up to around 1100 migrants rescued just this weekend.

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), over 18,000 migrants have come to Spain, a couple hundred more than those who have come to Italy.

Migrants coming to Spain are increasing as Italy is closing its borders to those seeking asylum with a recent ban on non-governmental organization boats disembarking migrants in their ports.

The migrant crisis has worsened considerably, with over 200 migrants dying during attempts to cross the Mediterranean Sea just this year, according to the IOM.

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