A SPANISH aid worker who may have contracted Ebola in Mali was flown into Madrid today and transferred to the capital’s Carlos III hospital.

The woman, born in Navarre, pricked her finger yesterday with a needle that had been used on a confirmed Ebola patient and was flown back for preventative treatment.

She had been working with Doctors Without Borders in Bamako, the Mali capital, and was flown back in one of the planes they have at their disposal.

Fernando Simon, spokesman for the Ebola Crisis Management Special Committee, said: “She is not sick, she is not going to get anyone sick and she is going to be in preventive quarantine. Right now she does not pose any risk.”

He added: “Now the safety conditions are guaranteed. We are going to give her all the best chances of overcoming the disease.”

The repatriation comes two weeks after Spain’s first Ebola victim and survivor, Theresa Romero, was released from hospital along with 20 people that had come into contact with her.

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