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Police arrest two terror suspects in Spain for planning to create a jihadi group but also for breaking lockdown...

POLICIA Nacional have arrested two terror suspects in Castilla-La Mancha.

ISIS video threatens tourists in Spain after death of British ‘punk rock jihadi’

The final three minutes of the clip appear to threaten attacks on Barcelona or Madrid similar to those suffered by Paris in 2015

Spanish cops find stash of explosives belonging to ETA terrorists

It is known as Spain's deadliest terror group having killed 860 people in its history

Spanish police arrest four suspected ISIS terrorists linked with Paris attacks

The men are believed to be Algerian and Moroccan nationals with links to ISIS

Price of freedom

Spain is setting a precedent for tracking European jihadis

Spanish ships may have to think twice before entering Gibraltar’s water

With the British Navy on red alert following Jihadi terrorist threats, Spanish vessels could be in for a bumpy ride

Jihadi plans to weaponise Ebola intercepted by Spanish authorities

Spanish intelligence officers have intercepted jihadi plans to turn Ebola into a weapon

Al-Qaeda terrorists urged to target Gibraltar

Jihadis target oil rigs and cargo ships passing through the Strait of Gibraltar

Song of Granada – Part one

Terrorists have taken over the Alhambra Palace, in new expat novel Song of Granada. With the Spanish tradition at its heart, Anne Sikking weaves a story of intrigue, compassion and fear. Here, the Olive Press presents the first of a two-part serialisation

Gibraltar ‘Terror trio’ released

Paragliders to be released despite possession of explosives

Eta: Freedom fighters to terrorists? How the oppressed became the oppressors

INCENSED by the oppression suffered by those of Basque ethnicity under General Franco’s dictatorship (1939-1975), a group of students mobilised to form Eta (Euskadi...




Ryanair stop Brits flying back to Spain’s Costa Blanca over a ‘time difference’ dispute

A Costa Blanca couple were turned away from a Ryanair flight from Manchester to the Costa Blanca in a row over when they took...