TERRORISTS are planning to blow up oil rigs and hijack cargo ships in the Strait of Gibraltar. 

Jihadis have been told to sabotage thousands of tankers either with explosives or by hijacking cargo ships.

The plans were revealed in a new al-Qaeda magazine, Resurgence, which also described British oil workers in the Middle East as ‘at risk’.

A spokesperson for the Government of Gibraltar said that the Royal Navy has been put on ‘red alert’ and that the UK government is stepping up defence measures.

He said: “This is not the first time that threats have been made to target merchant shipping passing through the Straits of Gibraltar.

“Defence and security in British Gibraltar Territorial Waters is the responsibility of the United Kingdom government and not of the Government of Gibraltar.

“Having said that, it is only to be expected that those responsible for security in the region will take every precaution possible.”

More than 100,000 ships pass through the Strait between Morocco and Europe every year including 5,000 oil tankers heading for the West.

Thousands of NATO ships already patrol the Gibraltar Strait to thwart terrorist activity.

An attack would have a massive impact on oil prices around the world.

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  1. how do you tell the difference between a Spanish fishing boat illegally in Gibraltar waters and a terrorist in an identical looking vessel ?
    answer= you can´t,
    Remedy shoot them out of the water.neither should be there.
    Spain is playing a dangerous game if they continue their incursion.

  2. ciudadanos is obviousley a moron…the Spanish/guardia civil to provide protection….!!!..dont make me laugh…they are toO busy getting pissed or taking bribes…they are a bunch of baffoons just like CIUDADANOS………….GIBRALTAR IS BRITISH…..GET OVER IT YOU FOOLS

  3. Lucky enough Guardia Civil is watching over gibraltar, as the UK dont give a shit about it.

    Dont call cowards, people who risks their lives everyday!! I wonder when was the last time you did something useful with yours Tim.

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