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VIDEO: Sailing boat owners caught shooting at killer whales at the Strait of Gibraltar 

A NUMBER of people in a sailing boat have been caught shooting at killer whales at the Strait of Gibraltar.  Disgraceful footage shows the boat...

Intrepid CEO prepares to brave waves, winds and wild creatures in charity swim across Strait of Gibraltar

A HARDY hotelier is part of a group of four who have set the ambitious goal of swimming from Europe to Africa in the...
Two Brits Caught Out During Storm When Sailing With Over Four Tonnes Of Hashish Off Spain's Anadalucia Coast

Stormy weather catches out two Brits off Spain’s Andalucia coast with South America-bound drugs stash

TWO British men crewing a boat packed with drugs have been arrested by the Policia Nacional off the Andalucia coast. The 16-metre-long and five-metre-wide vessel,...

THERE’LL BE KILLINGS: Cadiz drug trafficker warns of BAZOOKAS and bodies on the streets if crackdown on smuggling across...

Some 407 extra Policia Nacional and Guardia Civil troops were added to the area last year while 100,000kg of hashish were seized and many gangs disbanded

Spain rescues more than 500 migrants over Three Kings weekend

It comes as new figures revealed that 57,000 migrants tried to enter Spain in 2018 - double the year before

17 African migrants killed and 100 rescued in shipwreck off Spain’s Costa del Sol

The total death toll of migrants travelling to Spain now reaches 566, a UN Migration Agency report confirmed today, while the number of arrivals to Spain now stands at 49,013

HUNDREDS more migrants rescued from waters in southern Spain

Some 388 migrants have been rescued today from the Strait of Gibraltar, while authorities are still searching for another small boat

Migrant numbers arriving in Spain more than triple from last year

Almost 21,500 migrants, mostly Algerians and Moroccans, have crossed the strait of Gibraltar in 2017, according to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM).

Seven migrants rescued in the Strait on Christmas Day

THE migrant crisis saw no letting up over the festive period, with seven people rescued in the Strait of Gibraltar on Christmas Day. The migrants...

Over 100 migrants rescued in the Strait of Gibraltar in just 24 hours

MORE than 100 sub-Saharan migrants were picked up by the Spanish Maritime Rescue Service on Sunday. The group were travelling on several dangerous open dinghy...

Seven migrant boats rescued in the Strait of Gibraltar in just ONE day

THE deadly Moroccan-Spanish migrant route is only increasing in popularity with the Spanish coastguard rescuing SEVEN boats on Saturday. Over 150 migrants were pulled from...

Multi-million Gibraltarian home scoops property award

The £10.9 million home New Aloes impressed to take the gong for ‘Best Property Single Unit’ in Europe

Al-Qaeda terrorists urged to target Gibraltar

Jihadis target oil rigs and cargo ships passing through the Strait of Gibraltar

Southern Spain is the animal trafficking gateway to Europe

Authorities in southern Spain are fighting against Europe’s growing animal trafficking problem

Flood of migrants in past 48 hours in Strait of Gibraltar

Emergency services have picked up nearly 1,000 migrants in dozens of boats and rafts

BREAKING: 21 immigrants rescued in Strait of Gibraltar

Dramatic rescue of intercepted immigrant boats




Spain wants to BAN smoking on restaurant terraces and crackdown on vaping

LONG-TERM plans to restrict smoking in public places are being dusted down once again from the Ministry of Health's shelves. Some of Spain's regions got...


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