Monday, February 6, 2023
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Spanish government row over increase in defence spending

A ROW has erupted within Spain’s ruling coalition over defence spending.  On Tuesday July 6, Pedro Sanchez announced a €1 billion boost to Spain’s defence...

Families of NATO leaders enjoy final day in Madrid 

THE spouses of NATO leaders enjoyed an olive oil tasting session hosted by Queen Letizia of Spain on their last day in Madrid.  The Queen’s...

NATO apologises after displaying Spanish flag upside down at opening session in Madrid

IT was an inauspicious start. Spain’s national flag was displayed upside down during the opening session of the NATO summit in Madrid on Wednesday. The...

WATCH: Art and Spanish cuisine for world leaders as Prado Museum hosts NATO dinner in Madrid

NATO country leaders and guests were treated to the spectacular combination of the greatest art in Spain’s history combined with the best of the...

Spaniards’ support for NATO reinforced since Russian invasion of Ukraine

SUPPORT for NATO has grown among Spaniards since the Russian invasion of the Ukraine in February. A report from the Elcano Royal Institute revealed that...

Spain will be using its hospitals to treat wounded victims of Ukraine war

HOSPITALS in Spain will be opening their doors to wounded victims of the war in Ukraine. Full details of the plan have still to be...

Ukraine’s Zelensky thanks Spain’s parliament for support but attacks companies still trading with Russia

UKRAINIAN president Volodymr Zelensky addressed Spain's parliamentarians on Tuesday in a special 30-minute session of Congress in Madrid. He appeared via video-link at the unanimous...

Ukraine’s President Zelensky to address Spain’s parliament next week

UKRAINE President Volodymyr Zelensky will address Spain's Congress of Deputies via a video link next week. The president of the Lower House, Meritxell Batet, sent...

Spain’s PM Pedro Sanchez fires off ‘massive sanctions’ warning to Russia over Ukraine invasion

SPAIN'S Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, has warned Russia about 'massive sanctions' if it attacks the Ukraine. Russia has built up an estimated 100,000 troops close...

Spain could send fighter jets to Bulgaria as fears mount over Russian invasion of the Ukraine

SPAIN could deploy fighter jets to Bulgaria as part of NATO plans to deter Russia from invading the Ukraine. Defence Minister, Margarita Robles, said on...

Britain’s newest aircraft carrier, HMS Prince of Wales, docks in Gibraltar

THE HMS Prince of Wales made its first port outside of the UK on Tuesday morning, docking at Gibraltar. The 65,000-tonne carrier left Portsmouth earlier...

Spain to host next Nato summit in 2022

THE next Nato summit will be held in Spain in 2022. It will be Spain's first Nato summit since 1997, when it was hosted...

Royal Navy frigate makes its first trip to Spain and spends a week in Alicante on the Costa Blanca

HMS Kent is over halfway through a week-long stay in Alicante in what is the first visit to Spain from a ship belonging to...

Spanish Ministry of Defence plans to replace 600 troops from the UN mission in Lebanon

THE Ministry of Defence plans to replace 600 Spanish troops from Lebanon.

Spain withdraws its request for help from NATO with regards to the coronavirus crisis

SPAIN has withdrawn its request for help from NATO with regards to the COVID-19 crisis.

Turkey becomes second NATO member to answer Spain’s call for help in fight against coronavirus

TURKEY has become the second NATO member to answer Spain’s call for aid in the fight against Covid-19.

The Czech Republic becomes first NATO member to answer Spain’s call for medical supplies

THE Czech Republic has become the first NATO member to send medical supplies to Spain.

Spanish fighter jet accidentally launches deadly missile above Estonia during practice drill

The missile was around 12.1 feet long and carried life-threatening explosives weighing up to 10 kilograms

NO WAY JOSE: Spain refuses to increase military budget despite Donald Trump’s NATO threat

SPAIN'S new prime minister has rebuked Donald Trump’s threat to scale back US military support if European countries refuse to increase their military budgets. During...

Spain to increase military spending by more than 80% after Trump blasts NATO members’ contributions

SPAIN has agreed to boost its military spending by more than 80% by 2024. It comes after US president Donald Trump blasted NATO members for...

EU army one step closer thanks to Brexit and Donald Trump

THE EU has signed a pact agreeing to integrate military funding, weapons development and deployment of European defenses. The move has been spurred by US...

Spanish tanks pose ‘threat to Russia’ as part of NATO mission in Latvia

SPAIN will send troops to Latvia as part of a NATO mission which Russian officials have labelled a 'threat'.  The mission to 'strengthen Latvian security' will include...

Spain and NATO scramble jets as Russian bombers fly into Spanish territory

Spain sent two F-18 fighters to intercept the Russian planes

SCHENGEN OF DEFENSE: EU wants its own NATO-style army following Brexit

The vision has been made more possible by Brexit





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