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Gibraltar welcomes ship famed for recovery of doomed EgyptAir flight and now on its way to fight pirates

GIBRALTAR Naval Base has welcomed the RFA Lyme Bay, a ship that assisted in the recovery of EgyptAir Flight 804 which crashed into the...

FLARE UP: Arsonist targets customs patrol vessel in Gibraltar

A Gibraltarian HM Customs vessel has been badly damaged by an arsonist. A small inflatable boat approached the HMC Seeker where an unknown person fired...

Show of force: Missiles loaded onto Royal Navy nuclear sub docked in Gibraltar

THE Royal Navy’s top nuclear sub has arrived in Gibraltar and was pictured being loaded with missiles in what was perceived as a show...

WATCH: UK aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth stops off in Palma on Spanish island of Mallorca

BRITISH aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth has stopped off in Mallorca for a spot of rest and relaxation. The Royal Navy vessel is on the...

Britain’s newest aircraft carrier, HMS Prince of Wales, docks in Gibraltar

THE HMS Prince of Wales made its first port outside of the UK on Tuesday morning, docking at Gibraltar. The 65,000-tonne carrier left Portsmouth earlier...

Gibraltar Naval Base sees a formidable under-water visit this weekend

THE Royal Naval Base in Gibraltar has had a welcome visitor this weekend in the form of an Astute class nuclear submarine. The...

New Commander British Forces ‘delighted’ to take over Gibraltar role

Commodore Steve Dainton was welcomed to the Rock at the local naval base by MoD personnel as former CBF left Gibraltar aboard HMS Sabre.

Royal Navy contract worth €1 billion ‘could go to Spain’ as bargaining chip over Gibraltar

Brexit related negotiations over the future of Gibraltar are being blamed for what MPs have called a ‘stab in the back’ for Scottish workers

Spain could snatch €1 billion Royal Navy ship contract ahead of British firms despite wargames over Gibraltar

The British consortium on the shortlist for the contract includes Babcock, BAE Systems, Cammell Laird and Rolls-Royce

ANOTHER Spanish warship faces off with tiny British Royal Navy boat in Gibraltar

The Royal Navy HMS Sabre pursued the Spanish warship, which is armed with guns, torpedos and mortar weapons

ANOTHER Spanish warship enters Gibraltar waters playing national anthem in two-hour Royal Navy stand-off

It comes after a Spanish warship illegally encroached into Gibraltar’s waters back in December, also blaring the national anthem of Spain

Spain accused of breaching maritime laws after shadowing British nuclear submarine as it left Gibraltar on secret mission

The incident has been labelled as a ‘clear sabre rattling exercise by Madrid’ over the Gibraltar issue

EU vice president labels Gibraltarians ‘monkeys’ and praises Spain’s illegal warship ‘invasion’ of British waters

The Brussels MEP labelled Gibraltarians 'laughing monkeys' in an explosive Twitter thread, which he swiftly deleted

Royal Navy ship HMS Duncan drops anchor in Mallorca after NATO Black Sea operation

Navy's most modern ship returning home after three-month deployment

Redstart head-start

Royal Naval Birdwatching Society have been ringing birds on the Rock

HMS Protector docks in Gibraltar

Ice to see you
TrafalgarCemetery e

Pocket of patriotism: A look inside Gibraltar’s Trafalgar cemetery

Lord Nelson’s legacy in Gibraltar lies beyond cemetery walls

Al-Qaeda terrorists urged to target Gibraltar

Jihadis target oil rigs and cargo ships passing through the Strait of Gibraltar

UK Europe minister David Lidington checks in on Gibraltar

The minister will be on the Rock to discuss border delays

Spanish warship disrupts British Navy training exercise in Gibraltar

The British Foreign Office will issue a 'formal protest' to Spanish authorities

Royal Navy in ‘heated’ standoff with Spanish survey ship in Gibraltar

Listen to the radio exchanges as the Ramon Margalef defied repeated orders from British forces to leave Gibraltar waters

New row after Britons arrested fishing in Gibraltar waters

Arrests by Spanish police amount to 'criminal acts of unlawful detention, trespass and false imprisonment'

Royal Navy forced to intervene in Gibraltar fishing row

Tense standoff after Civil Guard and Spanish fishing boats ignore demands to leave disputed waters

All aboard the Ark Royal in Gibraltar

Iconic warship to become huge tourist attraction in Gib waters

Keep nukes off the Rock

Spain in attempt to force US submarines to dock in Rota





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