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Heir to Spain’s throne, Princess Leonor, to start military training in the autumn

THE HEIR to the Spanish throne, Princess Leonor, is due to start military training in the autumn, following in the footsteps of her father,...

Firemen from Spain rescue woman, 50, who had spent 144 hours buried under rubble after Turkey earthquake

A TEAM of firemen from the Madrid region has taken part in the successful rescue of a 50-year-old woman who spent 144 hours buried...

Pedro Sanchez greeted by boos and jeers at National Day military parade in Spain’s Madrid

SPAIN'S Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, was greeted by booing and shouts for his resignation when he arrived at Madrid's Plaza de Lima on Wednesday...

America applies to increase US military presence in Spain by 50%

If plans are approved, the new vessels will start to be deployed in 2022

Spain sends in navy to save hundreds of migrants trapped aboard rescue ship ‘Open Arms’

Conditions aboard the vessel have been worsening and several migrants have jumped overboard

Spanish navy boat with guns manned in war games with British off Gibraltar for second time in fortnight

Earlier this month, another Spanish warship encroached into British waters off Gibraltar, playing the national of Spain

UK spends £23m stockpiling food and fuel in Gibraltar and other territories to prepare for no-deal Brexit

Ammunition, spare parts, fuel and food are being gathered at military bases in Gibraltar, Cyprus and the Falklands

Spain denies illegal incursion by naval vessel into waters off Gibraltar

A spokesperson for Spain's Foreign Ministry insisted that Spain does not recognise maritime spaces belonging to Great Britain unless they are listed in Article 10 of the Utrecht treaty

Gibraltar petitions for increased military protection on coast

Gibraltar calls for military support from British government

Spanish Navy seize Greenpeace protest boat

The Spanish Navy have seized Greenpeace's Arctic Sunrise following oil protests

British government reject Gibraltar’s request for greater military presence

Fabian Picardo's request for a greater military presence on the Rock has been turned down

Al-Qaeda terrorists urged to target Gibraltar

Jihadis target oil rigs and cargo ships passing through the Strait of Gibraltar

UK submarine HMS Tireless returns to Gibraltar after Malaysian plane search

The submarine has undergone minor repair work while docked in Gibraltar

UK Navy helicopter swoops over Guardia Civil vessel in Gibraltar waters

The MoD initially denied the helicopter had passed over the Spanish ship several times, forcing it to move away

‘Send the gun boats down to Gibraltar’, MPs tell British Government

British Government comes under increased pressure to confront Spanish 'harassment' of The Rock

Royal Navy warships head to Gibraltar

Warships will stay in Gibraltar's waters for three days practicing a range of operations

Spanish police make a second incursion into British waters as more evidence of shooting emerges

Guardia Civil are said to have entered waters around the Rock again following jet ski shooting incident

Treasure hunt

Spanish navy is searching for shipwrecks in a bid to protect the country’s historical heritage from private salvagers

Rumble on the Rock

Gibraltar calls in the British navy as Tripartite talks stall

Last of the frogmen

On Remembrance Day, the last surviving frogman tells of his courageous feats more than 60 years ago




Young squatter in Spain faces losing her ARM after sticking it in a barrel of cement to avoid being...

A FEMALE squatter could lose her arm after putting it into a barrel of cement during a police raid in Catalunya. Mossos d'Esquadra officers entered...


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