A TEAM of firemen from the Madrid region has taken part in the successful rescue of a 50-year-old woman who spent 144 hours buried under rubble in the wake of last week’s earthquake in Turkey. 

The operation was carried out in conjunction with a Turkish team, according to Spanish media reports, and was completed on Sunday – a full six days after the massive earth tremors, which also affected Syria. 

Madrid’s 112 Emergency Service told news agency Europa Press that the rescue had been very complicated, but that the victim was stable and was treated by medical crews after being pulled out of the collapsed building. 

The alarm was first raised by the Turkish team after a worker heard noises under the ruins. 

At the weekend, video images also were shared by the Spanish Defence Ministry, this time of a rescue carried out by members of Spain’s Military Emergency Unit (UME). 

The team managed to pull two children out of the rubble, and subsequently managed to rescue their mother too. 

According to the UME, members of Spain’s army, navy and air force were all present on the ground during the rescue. 

On Friday, Spanish soldiers located a seven–year-old boy in the rubble and managed to rescue him in the early hours of Saturday. 

The death toll from last Monday’s earthquake, which registered 7.4 on the Richter scale, is reported to have reached as high as 39,000 according to data supplied by Turkey and Syria. 

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