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Gibraltar petitions for increased military protection on coast

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GIBRALTARIANS are up in arms about the safety of their waters.

Gibraltar threatened by incursions near coast
Gibraltar threatened by incursions near coast

Following a clash with a Spanish boat, Gibraltar officials are petitioning the government for increased military protection.

Earlier this month, a British speedboat intercepted a Spanish boat taking samples off of the Gibraltar shore.

When requested to exit the waters, the boat deployed a probe that could have endangered the lives of sailors on board the British boat.

This event follows 173 reports of unauthorized and illegal incursions on Gibraltar’s waters in the month of June by Spanish ships.

Public figures including the former governor of Gibraltar are calling for increased Navy presence, citing the current ships as lacking endurance and speed capacity.

Nina Chausow

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  1. Why should the UK spend big money defending Gib? plenty money is earned there. So buy a decent. fast gunboat. One capable of blowing a fair-sized hole below the water-line of any invading vessel, job done. After all, that’s what would be expected of the Royal Navy.

  2. Perhaps because they are not allowed to. I am sure they would be happy to buy/pay for their own defence. The UK now has a PM without a backbone whose speciality is appeasement, a closet Liberal.

    • According to this article, Gib spokespeople cite “the lack of endurance and speed capacity” as the problem. No mention of “not being allowed to take action”. So presumably it’s only lack of a good enough vessel with suitable weaponry to sort things out. So get it bought and deploy it. What’s Cameron going to do about that? ( As you rightly say, a distinct lack of cojones in that area)

  3. I am English and enjoying a holiday in Gibraltar having visited before on a number of occasions.
    Whatever Spain thinks Gibraltar is forever British. Spain ceded Gibraltar to Britain in perpetuity. That means forever, as far as I am concerned until the people of Gibraltar vote otherwise.

    I don’t care what Spain thinks. Spanish Governments are hypocrites holding onto Ceuta or Melila.

    I have asked the British Government to reinforce The Royal Navy and to use such action including force to throw the Guardia Civil and Spanish Navy out of British Gibraltar Waters. If it means shooting at the Guardia Civil who are uniformed thugs and bully boys so be it. They shoot at unarmed civilians. Further a few RAF Phantoms deployed at RAF Gibraltar may help reinforce the point.

    Gibrlatar is British by agreement not Spanish

  4. Graham, I don’t think deploying a couple of Phantoms to Gibraltar would help anyone.

    1. The RAF retired the F4 Phantom in 1990.
    2. The Phantom is about as obsolete as a Sopwith Camel.
    3. Spain has far more advanced aircraft such as the Eurofighter Typhoon and the F/A-18.

    Are you from the past Graham?

  5. Nobody said fight. It is not British aggression anyway but Spanish bullying and Britain has a duty to defend the rights of peaceful co existance of Gibraltarians. A frigate and a couple of Typhoons will make the point we have not given up on our British Citizens. Gibraltarians are after all British not Spanish citizens.

  6. Correction Graham. I said fight. Flaunting a frigate and buzzing them from above will not make any point whatever. might as well sneak up on Rajoy and shout boo! Otherwise give up on the lump, because they will never stop mithering unless, like all bullies, they get a slap.

  7. How quickly the idiots forget.

    In 1933 a nasty little Austrian who promoted his wrongly named party – the National Socialists on the premise that white Aryans were superior to all other races came to power in Austria and Germany.

    That was the time to create a joint French/British task force to go in and hunt them all down. The French wanted to but the British did’nt. At that time he had no real army so that would have meant the end of the Fascism – no one stopped him and the rest was history and death for multi-millions of ordinary decent people from many countries.

    It was obvious that at the end of WW11 with millions of battle hardened soldiers there would have been only one end for the Spanish Fascists with an invasion – extermination and the re-establishment of the democratic Republic. This was never going to happen thanks to the Americans and their obsession with Communism and the fact that the British ruling class had taken up home in America’s rectum.

    The Spanish know that the UK establishment is and always has been limp wristed ever since the 1930s, so they will act with impunity. Only when they receive a bloody good hiding will they stop. Sadly this will not change with either the Nasty party or the Tory-Lites.

  8. I tend not to comment on Gibraltar because it’s never going to become Spanish (if anything it will be occupied by a world power like the US or even China next). I would suggest that attention is paid to the Autumn elections in Catalonia. If they persist in breaking up Spain (and leaving the EU to boot), then people will have a far bigger issue to worry about.

  9. Occupied by ‘even China next’ what utter tosh, where does he get it from? Thank goodness you ‘tend not to comment on Gibralter’ GUAEQ, GUAQ, EDS, ED etc I need a drink LOL

    Actually agree entirely with Stuart Crawford’s last para, summed up nicely!

  10. I think there is nothing about that the people of Gibraltar should be worried. Nobody is threatening them, but the fact is that neither the waters around Gibraltar nor the isthmus pertecientes have been recognized as the domain of the British Queen by the Treaty of Utrecht.

  11. “Give us an pirate british”What you mean by “people” british?You better worry about Britishtan before Cataluña.Stuart if only the “No intervention agreement on the civil spanish war” weren´t proposed and signed from England and France…..You didn´t even sell us weapons to defend ourselves from the fascist.But didn´t move a finger when Hitler give them to the fascist.Tipically british.lol

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