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Spain denies illegal incursion by naval vessel into waters off Gibraltar

Spain Navy denial
DENIAL: Spain rejects claim one of its naval vessels made illegal incursion

A SPOKESMAN for Spain’s Foreign Ministry has refuted the claim that Spain illegally entered into disputed waters off Gibraltar on Tuesday.

This was after the Gibraltar government said that the ship had sailed into the Rock’s territorial waters without permission.

He said: “An illegal incursion, no, because for us it is the utilisation of our waters.

“Spain does not recognise others rights and situations belonging to Great Britain in the maritime spaces that are not included in Article 10 of the Utrecht treaty.”


    • UK can´t sunk a nato ally ship for sailing in bay of Algeciras: The treaty of Utrech is clear, Spain only gave the rock. Spain always have crossed in this waters and never happened anything. So it is better be calm and do like always have been done.
      I think the situation is being used by brexit radicals like smokescreen about their own fails. It was the worst strategically decision in centuries for UK.
      For Gibraltar, it will be dramatic to their economy be OUT of EU. Because financial sector, online gambling, tax low products and tourism needs free trade and free movement. The interest of gibraltarian people is obtain the best agreement with Spain to prevent that current economical status change. Co sovereign agreement that recognize this way of life Ii will be so much better than be OUT. Don´t let the radicals will become Royal navy in main sector of gibraltar economy.

      • AA, could you please explain why Spain has Territorial Waters, and who gave these waters to them. While you are at it could you also explain why Spain will not hand back Ceuta and Melilla. Da

        • Nations has territorial water. Gibraltar is a colony in Spanish mainland, because in XVIII century the king of France gave the control of the rock invaded 10 year earlier by british navy.This Treaty is so clear: only the water from port. Also for this treaty, Gibraltar is in the list of non self governing territories and the UN resolutions want that Gibraltar will be decolonisated, respecting the interest (but not the willing) of gibraltarian people with an agreement between UK and Spain. The interest of gibraltarian people is have the best relationship with Spain…The economy of the rock depends of be a new autonomous spanish comunity. We should forget nationalism that doesnt protect the interest of people and found a solution. It is better to be pragmatic and try to live in common than lost the wonderful quality of life.
          About Ceuta and Melilla, Morroco has no any right over them. UN is so clear: they are spanish mainland. They Never have been colonies and Spain will never let that Morroco invade them.

    • Before anyone “clicks on links” be aware this can be a dodgy practise, possibly leading to malware, viruses etc. If it seems interesting, (unlikely in this case,) then copy it in yourself and let your anti-virus app check it out. There was a time the Olive Press would only print and not post links for that very reason, but now there appears to be a different hand on the tiller.

    • zabaot, briefly skipped through it as the title put me off especially the “Propaganda Free”
      “Open Source True News Network News & Intelligence Reports – Propaganda Free”

      But nowhere did I see the word illegal. I suppose you could say Las Vegas is a haven for gambling and I suppose Luxembourg’s tax system was illegal under your boss Juncker, and I suppose all the billions Spain has fiddled from the EU was not illegal plus it’s a Spanish report which is dubious in itself. lol

  1. zabaot, I’m pleased to see you mention, “any attempt in using brute force for sure won’t help”. Does that include closing the border between Spain and Gibraltar. lol

  2. Well given that the U.K. has only small costal vessels based in Gibraltar, I would say that the U.K. Government, deep down, accepts that they are indeed Spanish waters.

  3. It is evident that there are too much histerism about the brexit and that some people try to divert the atention of the people by the mean of to create artificial problems. Let me recommend that don´t let that these manipulators divert your atention in those stupid things and to look for the real and huge problems.

  4. Anselmo, I suggest you read “The History of Gibraltar” which is freely available on Google before you keep coming out with a load of crap. Gibraltar will “NEVER” return to Spain until the people of Gib agrees, it’s called democracy which the various Spanish governments over the last 300 years or so don’t seem to comprehend and you tend to forget that Spain did sign the Treaty of Utrecht, One can understand the nature of the Spanish mentality due to having the DNA of the Neanderthals in their blood line who happened to be the first inhabitants of that piece of unknown land. There was no such a place as Spain as this piece of land was occupied by various peoples from well known countries until it was stolen which created a country now known as Spain. Spain lost various wars against Britain and one of it’s great losses was ceded to Britain in 1713 and still remains being part and parcel of being British. So please do some study, if not in English but in Spanish before you make any comments regarding this matter.

    • Carlos:

      In my opinion you confound democratic fundamentalism with democracy. Is absurd to speak over democracy in UK , because there is not sepatation of powers. The referendums are proper of totalitarian regimes for to back their politics.

      Gibraltar is a colony that must be decolonizated and the will of inhabitants do not mean nothing. The territories of the states never depend of any referendum, it are conformed by historical processes.

      And for your information the War of Sucession, was a civil war in the frame of an european war for to resolve who would be the king of Spain, that was lost by the party of the ArchDuke Charles.

      Precisely the peace treaty of Utrech states that Gibraltar must be isolated of Spain.

      I doubt that will be fair to speak about defeat of the party of the Archduke Charles. In my opinion the principal cause was that Charles was crowned as king of Austria.

      And finaly if you read Eupedia you´ll find informationa about the british population descends of iberic population that populated Great Britain ten thousand years ago when the ice cap that there was over there retreated when the last ice age finished. And ,yes, it is true that we have part of our genes of Neandertal men.

  5. Anselmo. Most of your opening comments are:- “In my opinion”, which I’m afraid is purely just that. So I will kick off with:- “in my opinion” you don’t really know what democracy is and what it means. Your first two paragraph alone clearly illustrates this which indicates you must be a leftover from the Franco era!. Britain is the most democratic nation of all other nations. Not only is a “referendum” done every five years via a vote in a General Election by the people as to who shall govern the country but another “referendum” allowed within that governing body for another “referendum” regarding certain important matter that may affect it’s people, such as do they wish to leave or remain in the European Union. The same “referendum” was offered to the Scottish people as to whether they wish to remain part of Britain and also to Gibraltar as to whether they wish to be part of Spain. As for the rest of your comments it would be a waste of time in making a comment, but may I add a little snippet to jog your memory about Spain’s colonial past and present. HERE GOES.
    Morocco argues that Ceuta, Melilla and the other Plazas de soberania are remnants of Spain’s colonial past and should be ceded to Morocco.
    Spain in turn argues that Ceuta and Melilla have been parts of Spain for centuries (Melilla 1497 and Ceuta 1415 to the Portuguese and 1668 to Spain). AT THIS POINT MAY I ADD AND GIBRALTAR HAVE BEEN A PART OF ENGLAND SINCE 1733.
    Much of the Moroccan argument rests on the similarities between Ceuta & Melilla, and Gibraltar. The argument is that the Spanish claim to Gibraltar is similar to the Moroccan claim to the Plazas de soberania. It is not likely that either will change hands anytime soon. A majority of Gibraltar’s native population rejects a transfer of sovereignty, as does the native population of Ceuta and Melilla.
    Anselmo may I also add that Ceuta & Melilla are not even attached to Morocco. I rest my case BUT “in your opinion”, I and perhaps others that may read this would appreciate your expert opinion regarding this matter.

  6. Carlos:
    I fear that you don´t know what is the difference between a parlamentary system and a democratic system. The principal difference consists in the lack of separation of powers. I lamment to say you that you do not live in a democracy, and this is not so terrible. But if you are convinced about the evident advantages that will mean a democratic system for UK, and youn are capable of superate the brain washing of exactly a century of propaganda , I´m sure that you´ll probably can find people that back a politic party which pursues the stablishment of a democracy in Great Britain with an elected president, separation of powers, etc. Sincerely I think that It will be better for your country that to waste your time arguing in de defense of an anacronic colony.

  7. Anselmo you tend to spend wasted time in trying to explain democracy which clearly shows you know nothing about. England is noted as being, if not, the oldest country that has and still holds democracy, BUT I have not seen your intake regarding Ceuta & Melilla. Truth always hurts and people tend to shy away from the truth which you have clearly shown. Give Ceuta and Melilla back to Morocco and give the referendum to Catalonia so that they gain the desired freedom from the corrupt country which is named Spain, then you can talk about democracy.

  8. Gibraltar will be handed to Spain on a golden plate by the end if Brexit.
    It is a fact of life.
    By the way, the DNA of most people in Gibraltar is Spanish whether they like it or not. Essentially, most people in Gibraltar are half Spanish no matter what Passport or loyalty they display.
    Fact of life!

  9. Anselmo as I had said earlier perhaps you should study the meaning of democracy. Spain has only had democracy restored since King Carlos took control after the death of Franco in 1978. Prior to this Spain was under the strict rule of Gen. Franco the dictator for 36 years. In comparison the first signs of democracy in England commenced with the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215, so please don’t talk a load of crap about the democracy in the UK, believe it was around the time Spaniards were just about to leave the trees. lol

  10. Ethnicity is irrelevant when speaking of nationality Pepito, so why bring it up? If one is born in a certain place, that is then one’s nationality. It is a simple principle and widely accepted by civilised societies. Any other attitude smacks of racial profiling as practised by rabid right-wing administrations. Is that where YOUR sympathies lie?

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