A MATADOR’S debut bullfight ended in horrific injury after a bull gored him through his throat, face and tongue. 

The 1,000lb bull pierced Daniel Garcia Navarrete several times at the infamous Las Ventas bullring in Madrid.

Many in the 10,000-strong crowd can be heard screaming once realising the 23-year-old was in danger.

Navarette was thrown into the air and repeatedly gored by the bull.

After he was rushed to hospital it emerged he had been pierced four times, twice through his neck and twice through his jaw. He also sustained a fractured collarbone and severe nerve and muscle damage.

His condition has been described as ‘severe’ by surgeons at the Hospital San Francisco of Assisi.


    • Do you think that fighting bulls of 500 Kg and breeded since generations for attack do not requires courage?

      And that the bullfighting is not a ritual over de death highly sofisticated?

      I disagree with you in these points, but I´ll be agree with you If you´ll say that in the bull fightings there are a deplorable absence of sensibility about the sufferings that are caused to the bulls.

      For me is imposible avoid to admire the valour of the bull fighters and the beauty of the spectacle , but equaly to feel sorrow for the mistreat inflicted to that brave animals

      • Fair points but you’re wasting your time discussing it with some of the community here.
        I’ve been to a couple of bull fights and enjoyed it a little more than the bulls did.
        I appreciate the risk and bravery of the bull-fighters, the atmosphere, music and friendliness of the other spectators but I’ll never go again and hope it fades away sooner rather than later.

  1. Really Anselmo? You think it’s beautiful when a moron in spangly pink tights repeatedly stabs a living animal to death for the gratification of a crowd of uneducated halfwits? What a sad and unenlightened life you must lead.

    • barbaric backward cowards who repeatedly stab weaken and kill animals…..they are disgusting cowardice people followed and cheered on by moronic brainwashed backward retarded people……i think i covered it there….the funny thing is people show how retarded they are by defending it….it not difficult to work out……its barbaric and it belongs in the dark ages with cave men and the like

    • Animal cruelty apologists’ ability to see something ‘sublime’ in animal baiting has been amply researched. Unresolved anger stemming from early childhood, usually absent or cold father or emotionally distant mother. Hence ‘sublimation’ of anger and appeal of animal cruetly.

      • People who hate bullfights are incoherent people with repressed sexual drives, short on education and probably speak English with an uncomfortable regional accent. Their Spanish will be nil. See? What an argument, hey?
        They are insensitive to reports of suffering by their own species.
        More importantly, what an earth are you doing in Spain?

      • chas you make a good point. Have you noticed how Spanish children tend to shy away from a dog even small ones. Invariably one see’s the parent pull the child away which in later life perhaps leads to the cruelty towards animals.

  2. The two books are only a starting point, the tip of a very large and deep iceberg. The scientific work is found in neurobiological and psychobiological work in fetal, infant and child development, which also speaks to PTSD and cousin marriage implicated in psychiatric and emotional problems. Beware that this is not the easy read during the course of time spent at the beach.

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