A BRITISH submarine has returned to Gibraltar after being withdrawn from the search for the missing Malaysian passenger jet in the Indian Ocean.

HMS Tireless, which has specialist sonar capabilities, was withdrawn from the hunt for flight MH370 along with Royal Navy survey ship HMS Echo last week.

The vessel has undergone minor repairs while docked in Gibraltar.

Australian authorities decided there is no prospect of further acoustic detection of the black box, after the aeroplane disappeared on March 8 with 239 people on board, triggering an international search operation.

“The search for the black-box signal has been an extremely challenging operation and, while we all hoped for a faster and more conclusive result, I am very proud of the contribution British forces have been able to make,” said Defence Secretary Philip Hammond.

“The operation is now moving into a new phase, requiring different capabilities.”


  1. If overall contribution was measured in how little was done….Spain were the overall winners……..classic Fred, classic.

    Laying on the beach doing naff all was far too Important. Mind you I doubt Spain were even approched to help unless it was to make sandwiches and provide tinto de verano

  2. One of the primary reasons to dock in Gib apart from the welcome given by locals is to hack off the Spanish who are made to seem churlish to complain about a sub returning from a search and rescue mission.

    Good on you guys – keep up the work to make Spain seem mean spirited and childish.

  3. @Luis, submarines are metal. They rust. As for radiation leaks, they happen to just about every nuclear device on the planet, and not just submarines. However, to build a submarine that is too heavy necause the engineer “got a decimal place wrong” is just pure lol.

  4. @olipso, I’m referring to article “http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2336953/Spains-1-75bn-submarine-programme-torpedoed-realising-near-complete-vessel-70-tonnes-heavy.html”

    That clearly shows a submarine, as, er, it’s underwater. lol.

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