WITH Al Qaeda urging Jihadi terrorists to attack cargo ships in the strait of Gibraltar, the British Navy has been put on red alert.

So the next time a cocky Spanish fishing vessel incurs into Gibraltar waters, trying to prove a point, the ramped up security must ask itself if it could be a terrorist boat in disguise…

And more importantly, should they just blow it up straight away and avoid the risk?


  1. The Spanish government (and I use the word loosely) would love for Britain to hassle one of its ships so it can cause a fuss and blame that on longer queues and slower goods importation.
    They don’t do anything unless they have superior numbers or a bigger gun/boat. How many sieges have they lost? And many of them to vastly inferior numbers. If the army that run past me in the morning are compared to the Royal Marines we’ve had here recently (and I include the older ones too) then the only danger to our defenders is they getting a stitch laughing at the overweight GC and Spanish sailors.

  2. with the sabre units positioned at gibraltar max target is a dingy.
    UK couldnt care less about gib, coz they know spanish authority is doing the right thing.
    Evidence proves me write, after 8 years of weekly incursions, not a single increase in RN assets

  3. Sparta must first and foremost learn to speak English or even learn to spell, being illiterate does not give you the right to shout from a soap box…….pipe down Sparta…..any unidentfied vessal entering British waters MUST be sunk…..Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves…!!!!

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