THE number of children living in poverty in Andalucia is way above the national average with more than three million children living in poverty across the country.

Of every 100 children at risk of poverty in Spain, 25 are in the region of Andalucia, according to new UNICEF figures.

UNICEF’S report, Children of the Recession, studied 41 developed nations from 2008 and found that child poverty in Spain climbed by 8.3% to 36.3% over a five year period and was among the highest in Europe.

President of UNICEF Spain, Carmelo Angulo, warned that ‘measures need to be put in place’ to stop the trend.

He said: “It is necessary that all social groups involved get behind political and economic foundations to ensure the rights of Spain’s children.”

Andalucia has become the face of Spain’s child poverty with the district of La Palma-Palmilla in Malaga, setting the scene for UNICEF’s video on its latest report.

The national unemployment rate currently stands at 23.6% (47 million people), however in Malaga the rate is almost 12% greater, according to the national statistics institute.

A recent report by Oxfam also revealed that the wealth gap in Spain is getting larger with the richest 1% of people owning as much as 70% of the country’s wealth.


  1. Unbelievable if true that 25% of Spain’s child poverty is in rich Andalucia, includes the Costa del Bling and it’s so called booming property market(Not). Put the property taxes up in Marbella, Banus, La Zagaleta, Sotogrande etc, with collection boxes in all the busy estate agents and golf clubs and sort it out. Each time an agent tells a porky, 10 euros in the pot, problem sorted within 3 months.

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