Saturday, January 25, 2020
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Expat children writing speeches to fight global child labour

St George’s British School studnets have been writing persuasive speeches against child labour

Homeless at Christmas

The human fallout from Spain’s crippling financial crisis is out there on the streets for all to see. At no time is homelessness more poignant than on the Costa del Sol at Christmas, as Rob Horgan reports

Child poverty rises in Andalucia

The number of children living in poverty in Spain has grown by 8% since the economic crisis began in 2008

Spanish government under fire for failing poverty-stricken children

Planned funds are just 0.18% of what is really needed

First photo of Shakira’s new baby released

Shakira shows off her new baby with a stunning photo on Twitter

Baby boy for Shakira and Pique in Barcelona

The couple’s first child weighed approximately 6lbs. 6 ounces, and both mother and child are in excellent health

Shakira and Pique host ‘virtual baby shower’

The pregnant pop-star and FC Barcelona player have teamed up with UNICEF to supply less fortunate infants with life saving treatment

Spanish childcare case provokes international campaign

Officials criticised breastfeeding on demand by mother of child who was taken into care


Dozens of people trapped in Malaga floods after overnight downpour while huge lightning strike cuts off power to police... DOZENS of residents are reportedly trapped in Cartama following the downpour which began at midnight last night.  The area is now being flooded after the...