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Spain’s economy grew faster than expected in 2022 to beat recession fears

SPAIN'S gross domestic product grew by 5.5% in 2022 despite the global economic crisis which has caused rocketing prices. Figures released on Friday by the...

Spain’s tourist industry predicts big 2022 recovery with 88% of pre-pandemic income

TOURISM in Spain in 2022 could generate 88% of the income seen in the last pre-pandemic year of 2019 according to the Exceltur tourist...

Spain’s strong economic growth helps Eurozone out of Covid-related double-dip recession

SPAIN’S own economic growth after the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic has helped the eurozone out of a recession. The EU group of 19 countries...

Local business owners in Spain’s Mallorca demand longer opening hours in restaurants after current measures ‘cover just 30% of...

Faced with mounting debts acquired during the coronavirus pandemic, business unions have appealed to the Balearic government to 're-consider their current measures'

Bank of Spain estimates the economy will shrink by up to 15% due to coronavirus crisis

THE Bank of Spain has estimated that the economy will shrink by 15% due to the coronavirus crisis.

Spain’s public debt shoots up by €22.5 billion in March, despite coronavirus crisis only affecting two weeks

SPAIN’S public debt has shot up by €22.5 billion in March alone, despite the coronavirus crisis only affecting half of the month.

Spanish billionaire and Zara founder Amancio Ortega ranked fifth richest man in the world and second in Europe

ZARA founder, Amancio Ortega has been ranked as the fifth richest man in the world.

NO WAY JOSE: Spain refuses to increase military budget despite Donald Trump’s NATO threat

SPAIN'S new prime minister has rebuked Donald Trump’s threat to scale back US military support if European countries refuse to increase their military budgets. During...

Reduction in Spain’s economy forecast following political unrest

SPAIN is the only developed economy to have its growth prospects for 2018 reduced by the International Monetary Fund. The forecast cut back, announced during...

Balearic Islands’ economy to surge ahead into 2018, new data shows

GDP growth to outstrip Canary Islands, Madrid and Catalunya

La Liga to account for 2% of Spain’s GDP by 2019

Spain’s top two divisions would be generating almost €20 billion

Strong 2016 growth brings Spain’s economy close to pre-crisis levels

It comes after Mariano Rajoy put the economy and job creation at the heart of his policies

Gibraltar’s bucking the economic trend

The growth of jobs, GDP and sectors should be an inspiration for the rest of Europe, writes Edward Macquisten, Chief Executive of the Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce
andalucia flag e

Bumper year predicted for Andalucia’s economy

Great expectations
pozuelo torre

For richer, for poorer: Exploring Spain’s wealthiest area Pozuelo de Alarcon and its poorest Torrevieja

Pozuelo’s populace is sitting pretty on an average salary of €54,000, while the townsfolk of Torrevieja struggle to get by on a paltry €7,985 a year, the Olive Press takes a look to see the divide

Spain sees largest fall in unemployment since 2005

Unemployment is falling, GDP is rising and forecasts are optimistic

Spain is praised for economic recovery

Spain sets economic example as eurozone giants slammed at G20 summit

Spain falls behind Europe on social housing

Rented social housing makes up just 2% of Spanish properties

Child poverty rises in Andalucia

The number of children living in poverty in Spain has grown by 8% since the economic crisis began in 2008

Prostitution and illegal activities worth €9 billion of Spain’s GDP

First Spanish GDP figures to include illegal activities value them at €9 billion

Tax havens rife for Spanish fat cats

Estimates say the 'submerged' economy accounts for a quarter of GDP

Budget slashes fail to dampen growing public debt in Spain

Debt rises to record 94% of gross domestic product in 2013

Spain’s GDP growth falls below expectations

New figures show growth, but below expectations

Spanish debt rises above €20,000 per person for the first time

The Spanish debt continues to increase at an alarming rate

Spain faces cuts of €20 billion

The government hopes to reduce Spain’s GDP by 2% between 2014 and 2020

New deficit target for Spain

Spanish Government ordered to make 'additional effort' to cut deficit for 2012





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