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One child dies and another is critically injured in unrelated suicide attempts in Valencia within 12 hours of each...

A CHILD aged 13 committed suicide just 12 hours after another 10-year-old boy reportedly attempted to take his own life in Valencia city this...

Kids responsible for a dozen robberies caught red-handed taking selfies while vandalising school in Spain’s Murcia

TWO children have been arrested after allegedly carrying out 12 robberies from shops and a school in Murcia. Guardia Civil sources say the pair had...

Online pervert offered money via social media to young children on Spain’s Costa Blanca to perform obscene acts

A 22-YEAR-OLD man from the northern Costa Blanca has been arrested for offering cash to two Elche children in exchange for them showing...

Attention parents: Arty activities for Gibraltar children at JMH

Culture is back on the menu with some exciting activities for young children at John Mackintosh Hall, which will come in handy after schools shut in March.

EXCLUSIVE: Mark Pallis, writer for Emmy winning Tales of Peter Rabbit, discusses his new childrens’ book which teaches kids...

Aimed at children aged 2-7, The Fabulous Lost and Found and the little mouse who spoke Spanish is a children’s language learning book like no other.

Group of children in Spain find human skeleton while playing outside

A GROUP of children have found a human skeleton while they were playing outside in Castilla-La Mancha.

Costa Blanca mayor in urgent appeal for ‘responsibility’ amid breaches of new quarantine rules

ALICANTE City Mayor had to take to social media AGAIN yesterday, as thousands of children and adults took to the streets. After 43 days of...

CORONAVIRUS DIARY: Day 40 of Spain’s lockdown and Mamma is confused about the government’s advice on children going for...

Kids would be allowed out to the Supermarket?! The mind boggled, I’d obviously heard it wrong...

Costa Blanca cops keep confined kids content with lock-down learning literature

ORIHUELA Policia Local have produced two activity books to help stimulate the minds of children during lock-down. The books are aimed at children aged between...

Pedro Sanchez considering setting the age limit at 14 and not 12 for children leaving the house during the...

PEDRO Sanchez has considered setting the age limit for children going outside from next week, at 14 years old and not 12.

Mayor of Barcelona calls for end to the strict lockdown rules and urges Spanish Government to allow children to...

THE Mayor of Barcelona has called for an end to the strict lockdown rules, urging the Government to allow children to be able to go out.

Police officers will be allowed to continue to sing Happy Birthday to children during the coronavirus crisis, despite the...

A POLICE spokesperson has confirmed that officers will be allowed to sing Happy Birthday to children during the state of emergency.

Quarantined with kids – these 20 activities will help keep children entertained at home during Spain’s coronavirus lockdown

Does it feel like a crowded house? Are you crawling the walls? Got cabin fever already?

Children’s factor 50 sun cream banned in Spain after test reveals it is only SPF 15

The Government agency had previously given the creams the green light, declaring them ‘not a risk’

Minor caught red-handed selling drugs at school in Spain’s Andalucia

Police chased the suspect, who attempted to hide the drugs in a bush inside the playground.

Three more children develop ‘werewolf syndrome’ after taking contaminated medication from Spain’s Costa del Sol

Officials believe the contamination could have affected up to 30 Andalucian pharmacies and more than 50 batches of the drug

Babies among hundreds stranded on rescue ship as Amnesty International calls on Spain to intervene

A week after they were rescued from the Mediterranean, the 121 people, including 30 children and two babies remain aboard the overcrowded vessel

Boozed-up British mum, whose kids taken into care after she collapsed in Gibraltar airport, returns to UK with £450...

Police officers had removed the children from the tanked-up couple and transferred them to social services

Inside the dinosaur theme park with zip wires, excavation zones and hiking trails coming to Spain’s Costa del Sol

A HUGE ‘Jurassic’ theme park with zip wires and dinosaurs has been announced for the Costa del Sol. The huge development, designed for families, features...

Man wearing ‘loincloth’ and carrying weapon arrested for showing genitals to kids at Costa del Sol water park

A number of mothers at the park complained that the man had ‘partially lowered’ his swimsuit in order to expose himself

Children’s SPF 50+ sun cream revealed as ONLY factor 15 but Spain’s Ministry of Health says it’s ‘not a...

It comes after the OCU conducted a comparative study of 17 different SPF 50+ children’s sun creams in May

‘Heartbroken’ family pay tribute to Irish dad stabbed to death with broken bottles in Costa del Sol pub

Pender, a charity worker and father-of-two, had apparently told his killer to stop bothering his wife, Caroline

Man arrested after exposing genitals to children in Costa del Sol park

A MAN has been arrested after exposing himself at a children’s playground on the Costa del Sol. The 63-year-old Spaniard was held on charges of...

Football shirts recycled into hospital gowns in Spain to help sick children face their ‘hardest match’

La Liga football shirts have replaced the usual green hospital robes in a bid to make child patients facing their ‘hardest match' feel stronger

Health Agency issues warning that Dutch cookies containing CANNABIS are being accidentally sold to children across Spain

The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition has issued a warning about the presence of cannabis in a brand of children's cookies that...

Family friendly skiing for all ages in the Sierra Nevada

THERE are not many inches of the Sierra Nevada that Luis Casanova and partner Jesus Fernandez don’t know. Be it hiking, biking, cross country...