A WOMAN allegedly tried to murder her two children, aged 4 and 14, by pouring rat poison in their food in Manacor on Sunday (May 28). 

The 34-year-old mom is said to have also given anxiolytics to them as well as trying to suffocate the oldest one, a girl, with a cushion. 

She then reportedly attempted to commit suicide by taking anxiolytics. 

Police have informed that around 1am, an adult man living in the house alerted the emergency services.

He is believed to be the ex partner of the woman and father of the youngest children. They reportedly sleep in different rooms. 

The woman woke him up and allegedly told him “I have done something crazy, I have poisoned the kids,” according to Ultima Hora.

The man quickly went to their room to assist them all and called 112.

A number of police patrols and ambulances arrived at the flat and took the accused and both minors to a hospital. 

Policia Nacional conducted a search of the property and found several anxiolytics and a half empty package of rat poison.  

It is believed she first gave the anxiolytics to the kids and later poured the poison in their dinner. 

The woman then allegedly attempted to asphyxiate her 14-year-old daughter with a cushion on two occasions, but she managed to free herself. 

Mother and children remain hospitalised, with the adult woman being in a module for detainees. 

They are under observation and no longer at risk. 

A judicial commission travelled to the hospital to take the woman’s statement. 

A judge has ordered she will be remanded in custody. 

Meanwhile, police continue to take statements from the family environment to clarify what led the accused to attempt the murder of her kids. 

According to local media, the woman had already attempted to take her own life twice this year, in February and March. 

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