CONCERNS over a possible return of polio has prompted Spain’s emergency centre(CCAES)- led by the familiar ‘pandemic’ figure of epidemiologist Fernando Simon- to call for improved monitoring in the country.

The CCAES says there’s a ‘considerable probability’ that polio will circulate again in Spain but stressed that health risks were ‘very low’ due to high vaccination rates.

Polio had been pretty much eradicated over the decades until a case was reported last year in Malawi.

International interest also rose when the virus was detected in wastewater in the UK.

The CCAES- part of Spain’s Health Ministry- believes all necessary precautions should be taken.

An evaluation says: “Given the epidemiological situation and fewer vaccinations internationally coupled with less surveillance in Spain in the last decade, we should focus on coordinating all of the aspects that are part of the Spanish Action Plan for the Eradication of Polio.”

The plan includes keeping the vaccination schedule up to date, especially among children, as well as reinforcing surveillance and carrying out training among medical staff to be aware that polio could still be around.

The CCAES warns that in recent years there been circumstances that ‘make it difficult to achieve eradication’

It suggests that the focus on Covid-19 has resulted in less attention being paid to detecting other diseases early on.

It added that some people have also taken a negative stance against all vaccines, even when their children are involved.


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