Children in Spain exceed more than two times the amount of added sugars recommended by the WHO. 

Spanish kids reportedly consume 55.7 grams of added sugars per day, while the world’s main health body suggests not to go over 25 daily grams. 

These figures have been published as part of a study undertaken by Granada University, in which 1,775 adults who have children aged between 7 and 12 have taken part. 

The research further states that “65% of the added sugar comes from low-nutrient-density foods.”

Examples of these include white sugar, sweets, cocoa powder, soft drinks, ice cream, biscuits, industrial cakes, chocolate bars, biscuits and sports drinks.

The study finds it ‘very striking’ that parents have a ‘good perception’ of a number of foods and drinks of poor nutritional value and a high content of added sugar. 

Spain was identified by the WHO as the third European country with the highest percentage of overweight children last year. 

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