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REVEALED: Spain’s top five most unhealthy ice creams ranked just in time for summer

HEALTH RISK?: The OCU ranks some of our favourites in a list of the most unhealthy ice creams in Spain

Spain’s parents SLAM school dinners as 94% say canteens ‘need improvement’ amid obesity epidemic

The findings will make tough reading for schools, as just 24% of parents said that school dinners came with information about the ingredients used

Food products must display nutritional information in Spain’s supermarkets

Information required includes, calorie count, ingredients, information on allergens and the source of the product

City Salud website to teach children about nutrition and hygiene

A new Spanish website is teaching children how to improve their health.

Why you should ignore your Body Mass Index

Raymond Prats explores why Body Mass Index is an unreliable tool for determining if a person is overweight and why we should use Resting Metabolic Rate instead…

Spanish tapas pack an unhealthy punch

With 80 calories per glass of beer and tapas soaked in oil, health experts warn tourists to think before they tuck in