aldi-supermarkets-spainDISPLAYING a food product’s nutritional information is no longer voluntary.

A new law has been introduced to provide supermarket shoppers with greater information about what they are eating.

Information required includes, calorie count, ingredients, information on allergens and the source of the product.


  1. Yes much better if they caught up with the UK and read that peanut butter contains peanuts. All this labeling is a waste of money and time just so .001 % can see what nutritional values the item contains. I mean, do people eat the one that tastes the best or the one that tastes nasty but is better for you.

  2. Very lightweight opinions Mr. Lightfoot. Food labelling doesn’t just show nutritional content, it also shows crap content, salt, sugar, hookey additives, colouring and if you had a peanut, or other allergy, labelling could actually save your life. Forcing the grub barons to tell us what’s in their offerings was a hard-won right. Value it.

  3. stefanjo,
    all his opinions are lightweight or fatuous – maybe he is?

    I wonder how much these artificial additives are responsible for so many childhood behaviour problems and allergies in general.

    I remember the first time I saw European strawberry jam – so colourless, the reason being – no artificial colour.

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