28 Jul, 2012 @ 10:30
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Spanish tapas pack an unhealthy punch

tapas warning

EXPERTS are warning tourists hoping to enjoy traditional Spanish food this summer they may have to watch their waistlines.

Indulging excessively in tapas and Spanish draught beer (canas) can be harmful to health as they are often lacking nutrition, have a high calorie content and place a heavy burden on digestion.

Just one traditional cana of less than half a pint of beer can contain up to 80 calories.

And UK holidaymakers may not have much luck weight-wise elsewhere in Europe either.

According to research carried out by Thomas Cook, a 10-day break in Cyprus or Portugal is also likely to leave you piling on the pounds.

A holiday in Ireland or Germany, on the other hand, will probably leave you trimmer.

To combat potential holiday weight, health experts recommend that holidaymakers move more, drink more water and eat more protein-rich foods such as seafood.

According to nutritionist Ruben Bravo ‘in the summer we eat less, but unhealthily’.


  1. But isn’t that what people go on holiday for?? to enjoy themsevles lol…then you go on a health diet when you get back home….Surely if you live out there they have healthy food too lol…

  2. this is another garbage piece, lacking in everything… why do you publish this?¿
    Imagine just how fat you are living or holidaying in the UK.
    Pints anyone? fish and chips? chuckaways? doners? supermarket ready meals? fatboy pret sandwiches? and those coffee buckets you all suck on all day… yeah all really healthy…
    burden to digestion?¿
    get out more.

  3. Calm down Gary,
    you may eat and drink this crap but I don’t and none of my friends ever did, we all got into cooking a long time ago and none of us are lardies now.

    BTW – when I was young high cholesterol breakfasts were every day and fish and chips at least once a week and a big roast on Sundays. Why were’nt there any fatties – exercise, walking cycling and no snacking between meals, no taxi rides home after a night out – just a long walk home.

    And your wrong about the English, sadly it’s the Scots who are the fatties of Europe but I have to say I can see the French playing catch-up.

  4. I came to Spain eleven years ago and thoroughly enjoyed the tapas and tipple(mine being vino tinto)Never having taken medication, other than the occasional aspirin, in my life before after two years I had high cholesterol, high blood pressure and acid reflux. I now have medication for each.I also put on some fifteen kilograms in weight.Am I bitter NOOOO. Do I think it is the fault of the tapa and tipple NOOOO.I put it all down to retiring and doing very little work and I may even have had the various conditions apart from acid reflux before. I don’t know as I never had a medical examination in the UK.
    Thanks Spain for looking after me and giving me a very enjoyable retirement.

  5. hey… I am 13 stone unchanged for the last 40 years and 6 foot 8 inches. Love olive oil & seasonal tapas.
    Maybe you all overeat tapas before dinner instead of tapas FOR dinner or lunch.

    I still fit in that paul smith skinny suit i bought 23 years ago and I belt plenty of tapas, homemade and local stuff…

    guess where we live food is more basic… no fatso gloop (yet)

  6. Germany more healthy? With huge portions of meat and fried potatoes, sausage and potato salad, Black Forest Gateau and enormous glasses of beer? Well, well, well!

  7. like how it says ‘Just one traditional cana of less than half a pint of beer can contain up to 80 calories.’

    oooo – a whole 80 calories… a man is allowed 2500 per day and women 2000

    plus small amounts of tapas… hardly a health problem

  8. Ian hit the nail on the head – it’s all about exercise and eating too much meat, especially fatty meats.

    When I first visited Spain in 68, there were no fatties, rich or poor but in those days meat played a very much smaller part in the diet.

    As to Germans,50% are right up there with the best of the European lardies but the other 50% are very fit because they watch what they eat and take plenty of exercise.

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