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Spain to host international conference backing the health benefits of olive oil

AN annual olive oil conference organised by a top American university is heading to Spain this December. The event to be held in Jaen, at...

10 cities in Spain where you will find the best free tapas scene

The tradition of free tapas are not only a long-standing tradition in Granada—find out where else with the Olive Press’ Tapas guide

Chin-chin: Four most fattening Spanish summer drinks

IT’S still summer and sizzling hot in Southern Spain and though that means it's still time for frosty cocktails and outdoor bars, you’d be...

International fast food chain comes to Spain to give KFC a fried chicken challenge

A Filipino-based international fast food chain is opening its first store in Spain this autumn. Jollibee is considered one of the fastest-growing restaurant companies in...

Cancerous pesticide found recently in ice creams also detected in wide range of food products

And India is not the only producing country where these ingredients have been sourced, as they have also been traced to the Dominican Republic, Uganda, Turkey, Ethiopia… and the UK.

ICE CREAM ALERT: Products by leading brands removed from Spanish shops due to contamination with cancer-related substance

NESTLE has ordered the urgent removal from shops throughout Spain of 46 types of ice cream found to be contaminated with a substance known...

SEND PLASTIC PACKING: Spanish food industry experts meet to discuss sustainable packaging and new Residue Law

MORE than 200 companies and organisations took part in a virtual meeting this week to discuss sustainable food packaging and the ever-growing problem of...

RESTAURANT REVAMP: Five eateries on Spain’s Valencia beach will be demolished to make way for more ecological buildings

FIVE rice restaurants on Valencia’s Malvarrosa beach will be demolished to make way for ‘greener’ buildings that are more integrated into the surroundings. The green...

SEAWEED BREAD: Scientists in Spain’s Valencia produce a healthier type of gluten-free bread by adding edible algae

This problem is said to directly affect nearly 450,000 celiac people in Spain.

A premium gin created on the Costa Blanca in Spain becomes an international award winner

IF Spain and alcohol are mentioned in the same sentence, then wine or a fine brandy are products that might immediately spring to mind. But...

FROM PITCH TO PLATE: Spain’s Villareal football club opens own restaurant in Ceramica stadium

THESE are great times to be a fan of Villareal football club. Not only has Castellon’s ‘Yellow Submarine’ fought its way through to its first...

DOWN ON THE FARM: Plans underway to launch first ‘open farms’ day in Spain’s Valencia region to promote sustainable...

IF the coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it is to appreciate the importance of local commerce – specially when it comes to food. Producers,...

WHERE’S THE BEEF? Castellon businessman sentenced to four years in prison for selling horse meat disguised as beef

A 60-YEAR-OLD businessman from Castellon has been sentenced to four years in prison for selling horse meat disguised as beef. The Supreme Court this week...

Why a Christmas Costa Blanca-made sweet that’s a Spanish favourite is making a move on the United Nations

COSTA Blanca politicians will ask the United Nations to designate November 7 as 'World Nougat Day'. The Alicante Provincial Council has approved the move to...

BUY LOCAL: Agricultural union in Spain’s Valencia urges consumers to support regional and national producers

To set the balance right, the Valencian co-op makes a simple suggestion: buy Valencian and Spanish produce, if possible directly from farmers at markets or from small businesses.

FAT FIGHTERS: EU enforces limit on artificial trans fats in food products

Fried fast food is the most infamous culprit, although artificial trans fats can also be found in certain types of margarines and vegetable oils, bakery products and frozen pizzas, among others.

SORRY, WE’RE CLOSED: Coronavirus spells the end of historic restaurants in Barcelona

FOUR historic restaurants in Barcelona city have been the latest high-profile victims of the coronavirus pandemic. Cal Pinxo was a hugely popular seafood eatery in...

GREEN BEACH BARS: Gandia announces plans for first eco-friendly chiringuitos in Spain

The move has been announced for summer 2024, when the current bar licences expire.

‘ON TAP’ as bottled water survey in Spain reveals increased sales in areas where piped supplies don’t taste right

BOTTLED water sales in Spain have risen by 8.5% between 2015 and 2019 with higher increases in regions where people don't like the taste...

Guinness World Record chef passes away in Castellon

CASTELLON cuisine fans are in mourning this week. Pepe Becerra, a famous chef who had become a symbol for local gastronomy, has passed away at...

WHAT’S THE BEEF?: Negotiations under way to launch artificial meat in Spain and Europe

The debate about the suitability of this product is raging throughout the world, with supporters and detractors practically equal in numbers.

Rice is nice as Alicante on Spain’s Costa Blanca tries to boost gastronomic tourism

ALICANTE has formally launched the 'City of Rice Festival' which starts this Monday(October 19) to advertise the area as a perfect place for gastronomic...

Say cheese for top vegan award on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A VEGAN cheese produced in Alicante Province has been ranked as one of the best in the world. The plaudit has come from a survey...

Make your own paella as Spain’s Valencia region celebrates ‘World Paella Day’

PAELLA is one of the first Spanish dishes most people name, but in case you don't know, the Valencia region is where it was...

Battle of the paellas in world showdown over Spain’s famous dish in Valencia

ONE of Spain's most traditional dishes will be served up this Sunday(September 20) as World Paella Day will be celebrated for the third year...

Spain medical experts say products containing salt should come with warning similar to tobacco

The WHO has now set countries a goal of reducing sodium intake by 30% by 2025.




Spain’s PM slams sovereign immunity and calls on King Juan Carlos to give public explanation of financial dealings

PRIME Minister Pedro Sanchez has slammed the sovereign immunity that affords Spain’s monarchs protection from prosecution as “outdated and unnecessary” and called on the...


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