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Kidnap, crypto and Ukrainians: The multimillion-euro scandal that looks to have defrauded hundreds in Spain and Gibraltar 

A KIDNAPPING of two expats foiled by Spanish police last year is linked to an enormous crypto currency scandal set to rock Spain and...

Benidorm gang dress up as police to con €500,000 out of businessman on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A Benidorm gang fleeced a Russian businessman out of €500,000 by pretending to be Guardia Civil officers and telling him that he was wanted...

Spain’s Vueling Airlines becomes Europe’s first budget carrier to allow cryptocurrency ticket payments

SPAIN'S Vueling Airways will offer passengers the chance to pay for tickets via cryptocurrency from next year- the first such move for a budget...

Cryptocurrency scammer who lived luxury lifestyle on Spain’s Costa del Sol arrested in Latvia

A SCAMMER, who lived a life of luxury on the Costa del Sol while allegedly fleecing his victims of at least €500,000, has been...

‘Tens of millions’ of bitcoin stolen from US entrepreneur at his Madrid home in Spain

AN American digital entrepreneur says he was robbed of 'tens of millons' of bitcoin after thieves broke into his Madrid home. The Policia Nacional is...

Police raid a cryptocurrency farm in Toledo area of central Spain powered by illegal electricity supply

A cryptocurrency farm that illegally syphoned vast amounts of electricity has been raided by the Policia Nacional. The high use of power at a Toledo...

‘CRYPTO-CON’ as investors sue for €250 million in first-ever crypto-currency fraud case before Spain’s National Court

SPAIN'S first-ever class action involving crypto-currency fraud has been presented to the National Court in Madrid. The lawsuit claims that over 300 small crypto investors...

Cryptocrooks: Spanish police bust tax haven Bitcoin fraudsters

A RECENT huge rise in the value of cryptocurrencies has seen a parallel rise in scammers. Spanish police have moved in on a ring of...

Warning over cyber scam in Spain which claims to have recorded you masturbating to porn after hacking your webcam

THE Guardia Civil has sounded the alarm over a sex tape extortion scam in Spain.  According to the police body, victims are sent an email...

The Emergence And Growth of Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin casinos are becoming a global phenomenon. And with their success, how they run their business should be inspected. Perhaps other commercial industries can...

Europol help police in Spain dismantle cryptocurrency money laundering ring

It comes as bitcoin worth €37 million was stolen by hackers from one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges

Seven arrested on Costa del Sol and in Barcelona as police bust drug gang who sold cannabis using cryptocurrencies

Police also seized €2,000 in cash and €115,000 in computer equipment used for managing cryptocurrencies

Gibraltar webcam hackers demanding Bitcoin from victims after ‘recording them watching porn’

Victims are being sent their own passwords as proof their computers have been hacked

First Gibraltar, now Spain! As government draws up Bitcoin legislation

Garcia also hinted at a lack of regulation to encourage initial growth in Spain but said 'we want to set up Europe's safest framework to invest in ICOs'. 

Cafe con leche? That’ll cost 0.000135606 Bitcoin please

A bar in Malaga is now accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. Hermanos Madrid, in the La Roca neighbourhood of Malaga, will hand over...

The Future of Cryptocurrencies

One of the raves of the moment in the financial world is the cryptocurrencies.  It is difficult for you to read a financial news bulletin without something being said about these new set of currencies.

The relation between Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with online casinos

Bitcoin is here to revolutionize the world and it is already doing so in the online gambling world

Digital currency Bitcoin exempt from tax in Spain

Virtual currency Bitcoin is now exempt from value added tax in Spain

Jihadi plans to weaponise Ebola intercepted by Spanish authorities

Spanish intelligence officers have intercepted jihadi plans to turn Ebola into a weapon

The dark side to nights out in Puerto Banus and Magaluf

The Olive Press goes undercover in Puerto Banus and Magaluf to investigate drink spiking in Spanish resorts, and discovers how easily obtainable date-rape drugs are





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