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BEING able to gamble online is one of the greatest features the internet has brought to all of us that enjoy casinos.

bitcoin-casino-gamblingWe didn’t have time to go out everyday to a real casino, place a bet and spend the afternoon; the world has become a very busy place to live at and we must keep up, however, thanks to the internet being productive is not exclusive from being entertained and now we can bet online without having to leave our home or office.

We come up with solutions to our problems everyday, from the minute we wake up till the minute we go to bed, the internet is a great solution to many problems, online gambling was a solution to the lack of time and, since globalization is undeniable, everything we do at some point or another affects others and the economy is one of the greatest proofs of how interconnected everything and everyone is.

Bitcoin is a fresh currency, incredibly secure, faster in transactions than traditional banks and it is a currency that continues to rise in value as the time goes by. Bitcoin was created by people for the people, to avoid the government dictating what is worth how much, with Bitcoin there are no banks involved. More businesses are accepting bitcoins as a payment method so investing in bitcoins is a really smart move and using them in casinos to start increasing the amount of bitcoins owned is even smarter.

Let’s get started…

To start using bitcoins you will need a Bitcoin wallet. There are different options to manage mobile wallets but if you are a new Bitcoin user we recommend you to use an online wallet. It is not complicated at all; you would only need basic computer knowledge because most online wallets are stored in a cloud server so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself.

Once you have your Bitcoin wallet is time to choose the casino that best fits your needs and that has your favorite games but most importantly a casino that accepts Bitcoins as a payment method. Many casinos offer deposit bonuses for new members when you use bitcoins so make sure to take all the opportunities offered on your first deposit to increase your winning opportunities. Click here to check the updated list of the best and safest Bitcoin casinos.

The most popular games online casinos offer where you can use Bitcoins are live card games, poker, video slots, sports betting and dice sites. So pick your favorite games and start doubling your bitcoins!

Bitcoins are in the online casino industry and it does not look like their use will slow down at all, this cryptocurrency has saved a lot of the hustle players have to deal with at some point: going to the bank, depositing money into your account to have funds available to be able to transfer real money to your casino account and so on. Bitcoin has saved a lot of going to the bank time by making it a currency that doesn’t have to be stored in a bank but that it is also 100% safe.

Now, as if all of these reasons are not enough; many casinos have adopted Bitcoin and with it the provably fair system which guarantees the casino is not cheating its players, providing its users with the confidence that there are no tricky moves involved and that it is only a matter of strategizing.

So gambling with fairness with 100% confidence your money will not get stolen and just enjoying your games might sound too good to be true but that is what Bitcoin is doing, providing us with the safest payment method with game fairness involved and not worrying about providing personal information.

Bitcoin is here to revolutionize the world and it is already doing so in the online gambling world. There is no doubt using Bitcoins to gamble will be very beneficial for all players that decide to do so.

Gambling revolutionized and went through a significant evolution and the deposits and money we use when we gamble is also going through an important phase we must become a part of soon or later. We would definitely like to start sooner and be part of the Bitcoin revolution and we know you will not regret it either.

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