THE CAPITAL of the Costa del Sol will recover its beach shower water supply next week—but with possible restrictions.

The drought crisis in Malaga worsens by the day as reservoirs continue to dry up. Unfortunately, the rainfall in recent weeks has not been enough to alleviate the drought situation in the province – and the rest of the country.

Spain has been in a long-term drought since the end of 2022 forcing regional institutions to draw up a third drought decree.

The Junta approved the new drought decree last April with the aim of alleviating the complicated situation that the autonomous region is going through.

In Malaga City, this saw water cuts made on beach showers. Currently, only the footbaths are operational.

As of June 15, however, coinciding with the start of the high season, the water supply to the city’s beach showers will be restored.

Nevertheless, Malaga City Council does not rule out restricting this water on the coasts again, if the drought situation requires it.

Additionally, the Junta has announced that if there is no rainfall in the immediate future and the dry conditions remain until September, further water restrictions will be put in place and will include a limit on the irrigation of lawns, car washing, filling swimming pools, or hosing down pavement areas.


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