THE heavy rain in the last few days, specifically yesterday Sunday May 21, have helped stabalise water supplies in Malaga province, especially on the western Costa del Sol.

For the first time in weeks the water levels of the reservoirs in the province have managed to remain stable instead of the usual daily decline due to the severe drought conditions in the area.

For example, the water levels registered yesterday in La Concepción reservoir saw the day start and end with 41.73 cubic hectometres, thanks to an accumulated rainfall of 12.8 litres per square metre which was dumped in the area yesterday.

Likewise, the Guadalteba reservoir in the Guadalhorce area, thanks to an accumulated rainfall of 12.3 litres per square metre in the last 24 hours, has also maintained water levels at 72.35 cubic hectometres.

The Conde del Guadalhorce reservoir, which saw an accumulated rainfall of 10.5 litres per square metre has maintained its current 17.17 cubic hectometres and the Guadalhorce reservoir has also stabilised, with 39.72 cubic hectometres of water in storage.

A similar scenario has occurred in the other reservoirs in the province including the capital’s main reservoir, el Limonero as well as Malaga’s largest reservoir, La Viñuela.

Spain’s Met Office, AEMET, has forecast that the wet weather will remain active in the province until this coming Wednesday, May 24, and will hopefully serve to continue alleviating the complicated drought conditions.


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