THE DANA which has brought much-needed rain to Andalucia over the last few days, will continue to leave significant precipitation in large parts of the region, including Malaga, at least until Wednesday.

More wet weather is expected in the next few hours, although less intense than yesterday, Sunday May 21, as the DANA weakens on its trajectory towards the east of the peninsula.

That said, it will still leave showers in several provinces today, which may be locally heavy, specifically Almeria which has been placed on orange alert (significant risk) for rainfall that will reach 30 litres per square metre in one hour and Granada will be under yellow alert (moderate risk) for accumulations of up to 20 litres per square metre.

A DANA – Isolated High Level Depression – is the result of the collision of a mass of cold air at high altitude with warm air at the surface and usually gives rise to showers and thunderstorms.

Fortunately, the rains of the last few days have served to stabilise the water reserves of the Costa del Sol and the Guadalhorce.


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