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First worldwide case of Covid in wild otter detected on Spain’s Costa Blanca

RESEARCHERS in Valencia have detected what is believed to be the first case of Covid-19 in a wild river otter which was discovered dead...

It never rains but it pours: Giles sees the Costa del Sol drought break first hand

BE careful what you wish for. At the beginning of March, I was seriously concerned about the lack of rainfall in Spain. Specifically the...

Water bills could rise by 25% as reservoirs run dry and salination costs increase in Spain’s Alicante province

A COSTLY CRISIS in Alicante Province is expected as drinking water supplies dwindle. The lowest levels of rainfall in over five years have meant some...

Three Kings fail to bring sufficient rain to lift reservoir levels in Spain’s Andalucia

THE festive rainfall has failed to improve the reservoir level in Andalucia. While the heavy December rain dropped an average of 124 litres per square...

Toxic bacteria is polluting several reservoirs in Alicante and Murcia areas of Spain

FIVE reservoirs in the Alicante and Murcia regions are suffering from pollution caused by increased levels of harmful algae. The Segura Hydrographic Confederation(CHS) says algae...

Reservoir dam in Andalucia opened as officials deem it too full

THE reservoir which supplies the western Costa del Sol was opened on Monday after officials deemed it over capacity. The La Concepción reservoir, behind Marbella,...

Urgent measures being drawn up to combat threat of drought across Andalucia

New water plans include installing a pipeline from the Iznajar reservoir in Cordoba to the Antequera area, which was supposed to have been built two years ago.

Andalucian reservoir levels have SHARPLY decreased since last year

New statistics reveal reservoir stocks have decreased from 48% to 36% since this time last year.

Experts warn of potential water restrictions in Andalucia following low reservoir water levels

Reservoirs in Andalucia and other Spanish regions are at unusually low levels, despite the wet start to the year. Experts worry about the effects this may have on Spanish agriculture.

Malaga ‘likely’ to see emergency water restrictions as reservoirs hit 10-year low

If the dry weather continues and levels drop to 109 cubic hectometres, residents could see a repeat of the emergency drought measures and hosepipe bans last brought into force in 2005

What lies beneath

Columnist Giles Brown explores the oddities exposed by his rapidly-disappearing reservoir





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