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MALAGA’S Conde del Guadalhorce reservoir has reached an unprecedented low.

The reservoir now stands at just 19.2% of its total capacity, surpassing its previous record of 19.4% set in 2005.

With a maximum capacity of 66 cubic hectometres, the Conde del Guadalhorce reservoir is left with a mere 12.8 cubic hectometres.

At the same time last year, the reservoir held a much more substantial 38 cubic hectometres.

The new historic low was tweeted by Storm Malaga:

With 19.31%, the #CondeGuadalhorceReservoir has set a new historic low today. This surpasses the previous record of 19.4% from 2005. Following #ViñuelaReservoir, it is the second reservoir in the province of #Malaga to establish a new historic low in 2023.

This new record low makes the Conde del Guadalhorce reservoir the second reservoir in Malaga to achieve this unfortunate milestone this year, closely following the Viñuela reservoir, which achieved a historic low just a few weeks ago.

Worryingly, the Viñuela reservoir continues to decrease, now sitting at a critical 8.6%, with a mere 14 cubic hectometres left.

In contrast, the two other reservoirs in the Valle del Guadalhorce – Guadalteba and Guadalhorce – stand at 37% and 26%, respectively.

Guadalteba still retains 56.9 cubic hectometres, while Guadalhorce has around 33 cubic hectometres remaining.

In a different scenario, the Concepcion reservoir is the sole reservoir in Malaga that remains above the halfway mark, currently at 51.8% capacity, holding a total of 29.8 cubic hectometres.


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