LA VIÑUELA reservoir in Malaga has sunk to just 8.94% of its total capacity, hitting a new historic low.

Until now the reservoir had never fallen below 9%, unfortunately, the water level now stands at a mere 8.94% of its total capacity and holds only 14.7 cubic hectometres.

La Viñuela is the largest reservoir in the province with a capacity to hold up to 164 hectometres, however the excruciating heat together with the lack of rainfall means that the drought situation in Malaga’s reservoirs worsens by the day.

In order to save water, the municipalities of the Axarquia region have approved a series of measures to consume the least amount of water possible in an attempt to ensure that there are reserves for the autumn and comply with the Junta’s proposal, approved in the last drought committee, that water consumption in the region should be reduced by 20%.

As a result, the local councils have prohibited the watering of gardens, parks, street washing and the filling or refilling of private swimming pools, as well as the closure of beach showers in the area.

Additionally, Vélez-Málaga, Benamargosa, Moclinejo, Iznate, Almáchar and El Borge have their water supply cut at night.

These restrictions were put in place at the beginning of July and in just a few days the municipalities managed to reduce water consumption between 15% and 20%.

Currently, the seven reservoirs in Malaga are at worrying 28% of their capacity, with a total of 174.88 cubic hectometres (Hm3).


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