THE Malaga town of Casabermeja has implemented significant water restrictions in a bid to curb water usage.

The municipality of Casabermeja, which stretches from Montes de Málaga to the south of the Torcal and Cabras ranges, currently has the strictest water restrictions in the whole province.

Every day, the water supply is cut off between 1-2pm and isn’t restored until 8am the following day.

According to the local residents, water restrictions in the town are frequent and have been ongoing for years, meaning that many residents have already invest in their own tanks and drums to accumulate water.

This year, however, the water cuts have started much earlier than normal and are much more severe.

To increase the supply capacity, the municipality – with a population of around 4,000 people – has contracted four tankers, each holding 25,000 litres.

Unfortunately, despite this increase in water, it is still insufficient to supply the whole town which risks having to endure a sizzling summer with water supply restrictions of up to 18 hours a day.

Meanwhile, as the extreme temperatures continue, together with the lack of rain and low water reserves, more and more municipalities in Malaga are limiting water usage, with nearly 400,000 residents throughout the province of Malaga suffering water limitations to some degree due to drought crisis.


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