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Family audience SHOCKED at ‘sexist’ erotic carnival show, as calls grow for minister who approved it to quit in...

"What should have been a fun celebration for adults and children turned into an erotic show where a woman was degraded and shown as a sexual object that reinforces sexist stereotypes"

Spain haulage firm forced by judge to remove ‘objectifying’ image of woman from its trucks

The pictures ‘encourage the objectification of women’, according to Judge Carmelo Ordoñez Fernandez, who ordered the removal

Sexism row in Spain as female squash champions handed sex toys as prizes

Other prizes included female wax strips and an electric foot file

WATCH: Feminists camp outside Andalucian parliament to protest FAR-RIGHT support of new government

https://twitter.com/msoledadperez/status/1085141318429540352 HUNDREDS of feminist activists have gathered at the Andalucian parliament to protest against the far-right supported government...

Spain MEP defends women in European Parliament sexism storm

MEP Iratxe Garcia Perez, of the PSOE, condemned far right Polish MEP Janusz Korwin-Mikke women were 'too weak, small and unintelligent' for equal pay

Bang! and the ad is gone… Sexist Cillit Bang adverts banned in Spain

Three adverts for the cleaning product Cillit Bang have been banned from the airways after authorities ruled its female-only cast suggested archaic gender roles

Spanish job advert demands big-breasted barmaids

The bar owner came under fire for the job advert demanding big-breasted beauties only

Spain’s junior MasterChef causes outrage with sexist ‘genetics’ quip

Social media storms about Spain's larger social attitude

Gibraltar investigating racist and sexist allegations within police force

The Commonwealth’s oldest law force is set to answer damning allegations