A Mallorcan student investigated over a viral video which showed other males chanting sexist abuse at young women says it was ‘just a joke’. 

The law and business student, who studied at the Montesion school in Palma, testified by video conference at a Palma court this week.

The Colegio Mayor Elias Ahuja university in Madrid expelled the student and immediately launched an investigation after the incident.

In the video, a solitary man yells sexual abuse at a female hall of residence.

And then the blinds of the rest of the windows in the building shoot up to reveal more than 100 male students, who all start to cheer and whistle.

The prosecutor is investigating if a hate crime occurred.

The young man told the prosecutor from Madrid that it was a ‘joke’ between university pals, and that at no time did he try to offend the girls living in the residence hall opposite.

According to the prosecutor’s office, the incident could constitute a hate crime, punishable by fines and prison time. 

The accused gave a statement for half an hour and then left, accompanied by his lawyer. 

The prosecutor’s office will now decide if it accepts the evidence of the crime and whether or not to pursue the case against the student.


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