‘SEXIST’: A sex toy, wax strips and a foot file were given to female squash players as prizes

FEMALE squash champions have slammed tournament organisers after they were given sex toys as prizes.

The winner and runner-up of the Asturias Squash Championship 2019 were given Durex ‘Pure Fantasy’ vibrators.

Champion Elisabet Sado Garriga and her opponent Olaya Fernandez Lence said things ‘have to change’ following the incident in northern Spain.

Third-place Marina Arraiza Mier and fourth-place Cristina Barandica Fernandez were also given female wax strips and an electric foot file.

SHOCKED: Elisabet Sado Garriga and Olaya Fernandez Lence after being handed vibrators

Sado said: “We were very surprised, very shocked. We think it’s very sexist.

“We wanted to explain it to everybody because we think there’s a lot of discrimination against women in sport and things have to change.”

Organisers, at Club Squash Oviedo apologised and said: “At no moment was it done from a sexist standpoint.”

The club has said it will not organise any more events this year, and apparently three organisers have now resigned.

A spokesperson for the The Royal Spanish Squash Federation said: “It’s the height of sexism. We had no idea the women were going to receive these gifts.”

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