A SPANISH bar owner has faced a barrage of abuse following his job advertisement for a waitress which deemed ´big breasts necessary.´barmaid

The owner of the bar, based in Asturius in the north of Spain, had posted the advert on website milanuncios.com but was forced to remove it after 24 hours of outrage.

The ad read: “I am seeking a young girl to be a waitress in a small bar – I ask that she have a nice appearance and is attention-grabbing.”

The sexist and discriminatory job announcement sparked outrage among women, yet a spokesperson for the bar defended the decision to the local media.

They said: “Our clientele have certain tastes and we want to cater to them.”


    • What a ridiculous comment! Read the article again, try to find where SPAIN accepted the advert. See if you can spot where SPANISH people were offended by it. The ad was offensive and was removed. Your anti-Spain comment is equally offensive, can I have your “tin-pot” opinion removed too?

  1. Marion I think you’ll find that Spain as a country had nothing to do with the acceptance of the ad on that website.

    Furthermore, if you took the trouble to read the article you would discover that the ad was removed due to the weight of public opinion against it. Let me clarify that for you, SPANISH public opinion.

    The advert was placed by an individual on a private sector owned classified advertising portal. Your damnation of the entire country for this act is akin to me calling your nation crass, ignorant and badly I formed, taking your post as a model. Thankfully, I can see beyond the actions of 1 person.

  2. I really can not see what the problem is with the advert, the guy wants to maximise the people coming into the bar so he is advertising for a person that will help him achieve that. Now European law says he is not allowed to do that so he has to put a normal advert in the press. He then has to go through 200 plus interviews doing the motions until he gets the recruit he wanted in the first place. He has wasted his time, he has wasted a lot of other peoples time going for an interview for a job that they will never get. But I suppose anything to please the PC brigade.

  3. At least he was up front about it.
    To be honest this pc stuff gets my goat.
    If he believes a barmaid (not man) with nice assets (boobs, face, attitude) is what he wants then surely better he says it than wastes Mrs Grumpy, Mrs Flatchested and MsHitwithabrick’s time coming for interviews?

  4. You know, if you want to work in many a fashion store they will not want you in there unless you look a certain way, does not really matter to them if you are a better worker, smarter etc. Go in Abercrombie & Fitch in London for a prime example, model looks or don’t bother, same for the males working in there as well. Much of the world is plastic and superficial. I would rather have a good conversation with a bar person (male or female) rather than talk to a brain dead bimbo with two bags of jelly up her jumper.

    • Showing your age Reap :-) If I ran a bar and I thought that employing a pretty woman was more beneficial to my takings than simply a proficient barperson then surely that is my prerogative. And saving peoples time by explaining exactly what I want is better surely.

  5. Marion, I’m not defending a discriminatory ad, the advertiser is at fault as is the website (note not a newspaper) for not vetting the contents.

    I still fail to see why that provoked your tirade about Spain.

    You may be interested to learn that the website in question is ultimately owned by a Norwegian media group. Perhaps you should direct your bigotry towards Norway instead.

  6. John Lightfoot is right, the UK gold plates all sort of stupid EU directives while other countries sensibly ignore them. This has made many Brits hate the EU and it now looks like we will have an in/out referendum in 2017 and a possible Brexit.

  7. How exactly did Spain break the law with this advert?

    Which part of Spain was responsible? How did it reInforce your opinion?

    Spain, like the UK, France, Germany, etc. fails to adhere to many European laws. Most nations adopt laws that suit and flaut others, until challenged. I don’t believe that Spain is any better or worse in this.

  8. To my mind, the whole Eurosceptisim was fuelled by the tabloid press during the 80s and 90s. Ridiculing EU legislation at every opportunity.

    Anybody remember Derek Jameson? The guy had a whole programme devoted to creating division between Britain and other EU nations. “Do they mean us? They surely do!”

    All the talk of banning the British sausage, legislating the dimensions of a banana, etc, etc, all very amusing but creating a divide. “They”, Britain is a part of Europe but the press chose to go down the line of “us and them” when in reality we are part of them. And it still continues, wasn’t there a big fuss about “them” banning the Great British Vacuum Cleaner?

    As long as the UK press continues it’s anti-Europe agenda it will continue to put it’s slant on the news stories and sway weak minds against the EU.

    I am not speaking out pro or anti the EU, more the manipulation that has gone on instead of allowing people a broad view and letting them make up their own minds.

  9. Cannot understand quite a few of you, if you do not like the way Spain is go back home. You should enjoy your life as much as possible you only get 1 chance. I see nothing wrong with the add, the bar wants a specific person to employ few of you complaining ladys remind me of Mrs Bucket.

  10. Marion, I just went back and read the advert, nothing about big breasts etc, it said looking for attractive and attention grabbing young lady, the interpretations could have said the bar was advertising for young lady with nice shaped ass.

    Try finding some thing better to do than it ting around looking for things to condem people with.

  11. Marion, what does your comments demonstrate about you. “old fat fart” have you read the actual advert it was the press reporter that started it, they stated it Deemed to mean big boobs when the advert plainly did not refer to any particular part of the body. The press again starting accusations that where not ever mentioned. You should give the particular paper who did it a good blow up. Was it the Olive press that made that particular statement. The press covered them selves in a way when they stated Deemed. Dictionary explains Deemed in many ways.

    What would you say if it was a bar for ladys and they advertised for good looking young guy with good body and a good buldge in his pants. Bet your cannot answere that with honesty Marion, no disrespect to you.

  12. Sorry another point, just looked at the headlines on this Olive press page at the top. It states.
    “job advert demands big breasted barmaid”

    But reading the actual copy of the advert it did no such thing. So do your bit here Marion give the Olive press a boil king. If i was the bar concerned I would sue the paper.

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